Could This 2000-year-old Temple Have Extraterrestrial Origins?

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Explore the ancient site of Baalbek, and the mastery of mathematical codes found in megaliths across the world. Join our team of investigators to examine the anomalous construction and the technology required to cut and move these massive stones.

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    • @Crazy Q soo, what’s your conclusion/explanation? Plz, I’m honestly curious aswell as open minded. I’m looking from all POV.

    • It was Built by Kane, son of Adam whom are all freaking giant humans, look at the size of the door way. It was practically destroyed by the flood. Some religious people think that Adam, Eve and Lilith were giants. Adam was 25ft tall and Eve was 24ft tall, clearly all these megalithic sites were build by giant people. Look up the 20ft tall Kabri Thialand Giant with a serpent wrapped around him, you can search on youtube.

  1. The history of earth and who lived on it is so much more than 1 guy over 2000 years. Enough of the nonsense. When you look at the current situation in America and an Orange Man, its VERY easy to see how religion was so easily accepted !

    • @Brihaspati Dattatreya you know a condensed theory, but what do you know of the actual process?

    • @FeN!x T.E.L Some I’ve Found Anu/Enki/Dummuzi/Ningishzida

    • Thanks for making me laugh,took me a get the orange man,I know who the Blue man is.l.o.l.

  2. Well then, why dont you build one then? convince Besos or Musk or Zuck to finance building one of these portals… Or just rebuilding one of these sites.

  3. Ok we all
    Know now the rocks were poured ( into molds) with a clay or cement like liquid mixture , and molds were removed when it dried out . Sooooo! That’s how they built those huge stones . Te secret geometric is the code , of what really was happening there , so let’s look into that .

    • So why then start to cut the stones that were found in the quarry?…no point to cut out the stone to only have it melted down( heat source of over 1500°)?… Also,the heat source would not only have to be consistent but portable too…they used that theory with the pyramids but the could never find any remnants of a device that would do that… Ànything is possible but difficult to prove

  4. We can give them 100 different names but they all remain the same group of Anunnaki.

  5. The number 9 is so special. People just dont understand. From measurements on earth to the universe or the 9 sky gods. 9- 12- 6. They are multiples of three. 3- 6 – 9. 9 being the universal number. Nikola Tesla told us all!

  6. There is NO practical explanation! If there was , it wouldn’t be such a mystery!
    It would take 1000 humans to pull a 900ton block up a hill?????
    C’mon man! This is beyond human technology.

  7. You should go to the Grand canyon the cave the government protects you will have to climb down to get in it it’s a no fly zone many temples in the Grand canyon…. Dead Sea scrolls came from…

  8. plus, when you look down on the temple from above its a human holding a key, and the key is Orion. 3.

    • also that human holding a key is also wearing a tefillin. the seat of God, 1.

    • @Chad Germano 3.5.7. 1. is the number of stars in each star constellation that points to the 1. and the 1 is the star you know as the Bethlehem star. 3 is the 3 belt stars of Orion, the Jewish menorah are the 7, usually with 3 balls on its stem, go look…lol

  9. Is there any chance that the Roman’s copied what was already there to the best of there ability?

  10. “ everything and everyone is part of something else “ 👁❤️🇨🇦

  11. I’m surprised they didn’t come up with Gabion baskets yet at that time. Much simpler landscape construction solution to retaining such a large area.

  12. I saw a futuristic robot last night in my backyard. Look like Thoth blue robot 🤖. It didn’t say anything to me but showed me some things in my mind. It distorted my vision so it could be right beside me. My mind was making a double projection. Everything looked like 10k instead of 8k. Aliens or future humans in this video game 🎮.

  13. you know there is a lot of stories of caves that goes very deep i m from Lebanon btw and yes there is a very accepted theory that Baalbeck was built by aliens as well giants

  14. I just love that they are finally talking about everything. Makes much better since than what other people were saying and pulls the covers off people’s eye’s as to the fact that smarter humans and other beings were here before us and yes Giants! Thank you for continuing to speak out!

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