COSMIC RESET Begins NOW! The Great Conjunction in AQUARIUS 20 YEAR+ Forecast For ALL 12 SIGNS!

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COSMIC RESET Begins NOW! The Great Conjunction in AQUARIUS 20 YEAR+ Forecast For ALL 12 SIGNS!

In this video, Heather discusses the Great Conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn in Aquarius in detail and gives an astrology forecast for how this energy will be impacting us all for AT LEAST the next 20 years!

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  1. Been waiting for this video all morning 🌄 yay!! Thank you Heather!

  2. Thank you Heather! I am a leo ascendant but in placidus system the conjonction is still at the very end of my 6th house. Should I take into account the 6th house? I don’t know how to interpret this in my case

    • watch your sun & moon to get more clarity….also watch the intro to get like a main idea

  3. ✨Timestamps 🪐✨
    ♈️ 20:42 Aries
    ♉️ 24:54 Taurus
    ♊️ 27:01 Gemini
    ♋️ 29:41 Cancer
    ♌️ 33:07 Leo
    ♍️ 35:36 Virgo
    ♎️ 38:44 Libra
    ♏️ 41:36 Scorpio
    ♐️ 45:08 Sagittarius
    ♑️ 48:17 Capricorn
    ♒️ 50:14 Aquarius
    ♓️ 52:41 Pisces
    Happy holidays everyone!!! 💖

  4. Heather, thanks for you great video! Curious, which microphone do you use? Audio is excellent.

    • Blue Yeti. There’s a huge echo in my office and I’ve finally got the settings down so it doesn’t pick up on it anymore 😊🎉

  5. Thank You Heather! I love your updates! You make astrology easy to understand. ☮️💟

  6. Would you say that our rising or sun/moon sign are most impacted by this conjunction?

  7. Thank you! My rising is Taurus, my sun in Capi, so a lot of work work and money money for me. Good combo 🙂

  8. 💜🔮🌸☮️pretty girl. Purple is your color…..happy solstice happy conjunction happy zero of Aquarius and blessings n luv during the holiday season to u. And your family 😘😘🌟🌙🦋

  9. Surely, these are the two planets that came together 2000 years ago to form the *Star of Bethlehem* are they not?

  10. Absolutely LOVE what yo do Heather! My sister’s name is Heather so I may be biased!

  11. With a 0 degree Aquarius Sun I feel that Change is knocking on my door as this great conjunction kicks in😬 Freedom is the name of the game from now on. Blessings to all❤️

  12. Heather I watch many astrologers on YouTube but you are one of the best. Thank you!

  13. Heather: Aries: this is gonna be b big for group interactions
    Me anti-social/introvert: 😨😰😫

  14. I definitely will be setting my intentions this upcoming Monday 😌 thank you so much Heather ❤

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