Conspiracy Theory of Everything 9 ~ Ascension (The Grand Finale!)

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At long last, the Conspiracy Theory of Everything comes to a conclusion! However, the journey is still only just beginning – get instant and exclusive access to TONS of bonus content for FREE, inside of Spirit Conspiracies –

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  1. Hey! First comment! Just wanna say Spirit Science has been a very positive presence in my life. Love and Light

    • You gotta play it out in your head, dare to think dangerously and you can create the raddest vision you can fathom. Manifest TF outta that destiny.

      IN LAK’ECH (ALA K’IN) YOU DOPE HUMANS (and all those other telepathically gorgeous life forms, bring on the space AIDS)

    • Interesting the Dark Ages end this year. Let’s hope for better days for every being.

  2. Love these !!!! Can’t believe I got here 8 minutes after upload lol …πŸ–€πŸŒ•πŸ–€

  3. If freedom is worth our lives, then death is peace. Ase’ πŸ™ my fellow spirit masters, we’ve come so far to stop now.

  4. This episode is so fittingly in this end of era of old to new one, This so enlightening. Thank You for enlighten us.

  5. “We who are cultivating this world wish for you to be very kind with yourself. You cannot purify yourself. You cannot cleanse yourself. You cannot lift yourself up. Entering true preparation is entering a process with your Spiritual Family beyond the visible and with individuals in life here in very specific ways. You enroll in these things because you must. Is it right? Yes! That is it. You don’t know what you are signing up for. Goodness, if I were to tell you what you would do if your Knowledge were fulfilled, everyone would run away saying,’I had a different plan for myself!’ But what if I were to say,’If you do this, you will be a person of tremendous happiness. Your nature will be complemented. You will no longer be attempting to be in an idealistic state, to be a perfect person. You will be able to be in the moment because there is no future that you must negotiate. You will see beyond images. You will hear beyond words. You will sense beyond appearances. Life will become transparent to you in this world, and you will begin to see your Ancient Home through the transparency.”

    A quote from the *Wisdom from the Greater Community, Book One* – Chapter 15: Giving I

  6. If 2020 has shown us anything it’s that most of the time β€œconspiracy”= truth.😎

  7. I’m trying to change the world in such a big way with my music like none before

  8. I want to be flat out honest the religions of light were developed by the elites to subdue the masses…. You get people to hug and to hump and not rebel get them to be nice and docile then they’re easily controlled…

    The true nature of reality and our spiritual selves is to embrace both dark and light we are creatures of both….. Anger is normal… hate is normal…. If someone kills your father do you love that person? If your neighbors come in and they’re stealing all your items in your house it’s normal to be angry…. There are times when people have to be cruel and times to be compassionate…. By the elites getting everybody to believe in love and light all that mushy gushy fluffy stuff then they are easily as I said before controlled…. If you look at our universe on a subatomic level you have electrons and you have protons… Positive and negative…. Same with electricity, positive and negative….. Same with an electrical storm positive and negative lightning….

    The more positive things are the more negativity it attracts the more negativity there is the more positivity it attracts….

    The πŸ—οΈ is balance…. Some days people are sad some days they’re happy some days they’re angry some days they’re calm…. If you embrace Total light or total darkness then you are blinded by too bright of a light and too dark of the darkness….

    Balance or near balance is the best one can hope for ☯️

    This is the lesson of the original Dark Crystal…. To become whole spiritual beings must one embrace all aspect of itself not just one part….. There’s the push for the light religions, the magic of light becomes warped and toxic and unrealistic because they’re out of touch with their other half…. And so with the other side….. We are a world of opposites that compliment each other…. Could you imagine a world of total sunshine? Or a world of total darkness? Imagine a world of only heat or only cold…. That would be unhealthy either way…. Better to have balance and a mix of both

    So embracing just the light and ignoring the dark, just embracing goodness and ignoring evil within ourselves is a trap….And the elites count on that… That’s why they constructed Taoism and Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Christianity and Islam…. To enslave people….

    Spirituality in general has become ungrounded and unrealistic….

    Bring it back to the middle folks bring it back to the middle…. And watch your power grow

  9. Tell a lie make it big and tell it often and the masses will believe it….

    No man has been to the moon they have never set foot on it…..

    Look for :
    “Funny thing happened on the way to the moon”

  10. Years ago, I realized that the demiurge IS gravity. A constant and everlasting down pressure system would do nothing but limit conscious, that’s why when the lamas and yogis β€œlevitate.” It’s simply the mastery of removing gravitational oppression, and practiced with balance…

  11. Couldn’t help but click like just based on the title. So stoked to be part of this timeline!

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