Conspiracy Theory of Everything 6 ~ The Keys to Ultimate Power

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Our Conspiracy Theory of Everything gets more and more cosmic, as we dive into the secret experiments that may very well be steering our entire collective reality as we know it. Beyond the physical powers of the DEW's and HAARP, we also look at experiments involving time travel, and shifting into multidimensional realities…

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  1. I always look forward to these videos. Unbiased, informative videos that put perspective on what goes on behind the scenes.

    • @Camo Moose all you’re recent comments are targeted against this channel. You’re a 2 month old account. Are you here just to try and discredit things or do you want to listen with an open mind?

  2. Watch them blame all of this on β€œaliens” so they start another fake war, make more fake money, kill more people, and get away scott free.. wouldn’t surprise me

    • Project bluebeam was initially that… although it was a hand full of cards, they need a global cataclysm for us to beg them to unite for a one world government. They seem to have pulled the corona card instead to begin with

    • Now WEF is warning of a global cybervirus attack, politicians are pushing for climate change, media has warned of EMF beams from the sun due to it shifting to Solar Minimum 25 phase… i think dots connect here

  3. I can’t wait when you talk about a conspiracy about the eff and why they want to kill all the farmers and police

    • Wow I live in South Africa and the eff is very sketchy but I didn’t know there was a conspiracy surrounding them what is there ultimate goal

  4. I would love for spirit science to do spirituality connected to Insidious 1 & 2. I believe those to be more on the documentary level than movie.

  5. Could it be that those who already knew about these claims, are the only ones drawn to this video?

  6. 24:07 this image is captured so well and i say that cause before this video this image has been in my head for a long time now and going further out cosmos in clusters

  7. I think the Philadelphia experiment was trying to create levitation/anti gravity but they accidentally made a synthetic merkaba instead.

  8. Cover some of the conspiracy theories that has turned true already: Northwood documents, WMD in Iraq. Gulf of Tonkin to get the Vietnam war, Elites wanting to chip everyone for total control.

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