Conspiracy Theory of Everything 4 ~ Integration With Technology

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Integration with technology is perhaps one of the greatest double-edged swords there is. The wondrous technological innovation could propel humanity to experience fantastic wonders like we've never experienced before… Yet, if our standards today are anything to go by, this could spell our ultimate doom…

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  1. “Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed.”🙏🏽

  2. Can ya’ll make videos on ancient proverbs such as the Bhagavad gita and Buddhism texts as it relates to spirituality?

  3. preying on peoples fears for profit may not be the most wholesome thing, dont be afraid of the unknown

  4. Albert Einstein – Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.

  5. Briefly, if you are watching this on the day uploaded, Today is a super significant day. Nov 11th is always a powerful day but today is the first time in 101 years where we 11/11 occurs on repeating numbers year 2020 and knowing 2 in numerology and synchronicities 2 means harmony, balance, consideration and love always as your connection to source and divine feminine. And most people knows what 1111 but if u dont, 1111 echoes what “one” means by itself and encourages the manifestation of one’s desires in life and connecting with those one has an energetic alignment with. This is the most powerful manifestation day of the century! Make sure yall keep up with your practices and use your power wisely today. Namaste & Blessed Be 🧘🏾‍♂️🧬

    • Meditate! If you’ve never done it before, just commit 10 minutes of focusing on your breathe, and telling your inner voice to shut up for a bit (I like to imagine turning off the TV my voice is rambling on). It’s a super powerful day to try it.

    • Yes sir.. <3 thank you, and have an wonderfully aligned day!

    • @2k GoDsZ i was contemplating this thought earlier but a lot of astrological timeline still aligns with real life events. ESPECIALLY 2020, astronomers knew 2020 was stacked with crazy planetary events, etc. and when we look at what is going on today when can see the effects. Look Up☀️👀

    • The energies are flowing on us and through us today! perhaps as a few others (myself included) have been hearing more ringing in your ears lately.

  6. Do not integrate with technology. Don’t let them turn you into a cyborg. They will control you

    • We should move to developing our minds and spirits before chosing to remove natural evolution, soon babies will have to be altered just to survive

  7. can’t imagine why there is even a single dislike. Hasn’t Andrew Yang (Billionaire extraordinaire who DEMANDS universal income) been talking about this for years?!

  8. I’m so unique that I’m Eclectic. Some love me, some hate me. In the end I’m already plugged into the Wholy Spirit.
    For those who are lost and unable to connect to their version of God, they will plug into the Devil and the fake reality.
    For the rest..
    We will evolve as we were meant to.

  9. Maybe our simulated experience will get an Upgrade soon to avoid that dystopia
    Its all about the ending narrative

  10. I love conspiracy theories. I have a theory that everything is conspiring all the time one way or the other.

  11. To the person reading this, Good Luck! Stop stressing, everything will be okay. No matter what hardships you are facing right now, you can and will make it through it!❤️

  12. “…a cyberpunk dystopia?” I’d have to say yes. I’m thinking that when the physical barrier between technology and our brains is overcome (think Elon Musk’s neuralink) we’ll be cut off from our spiritual side. We’ll no longer have any desire to seek out something that is beyond the physical realm. Most of our thinking may be done for us as well. Instead of reading an article or listening to a podcast information Will be sent directly to our brains, where it will be instantly integrated. So whoever gets to author the information will effectively control humanity, as it will be difficult to live in a society where everyone is hooked up to the internet 24 hours a day, if it’s even possible to live at all, so very few will choose to not have the technology that makes it possible.

    If there are a significant number of people that reject this new way of living we may see a split of humanity, with the “implant” camp would cease to be anything resembling a human soon after they take it. Rest assured though that the shadowy figures pulling the strings and pushing the buttons already have a plan to snag as many minds as they can, but I do hope enough of us are able to resist it, because a direct neural interface to computers/the internet is on it’s way. That will exist during our lifetimes barring some catastrophic event that knocks humans back 500 years or so.

  13. Depending on anything manmade is a recipe for disaster. That’s why got us to this fallen state to begin with, relying on the material and not our spiritual nature. We are much more powerful than any technology, if we know how to tap into our divine abilities.

  14. I’m a programmer and before waking up to my true self I’ve been fascinated by A.I., the internet of things and people eventually becoming cyborgs. Now this scares me. Since our subconscious mind is really powerful and we have dormant junk DNA, which has the potential to activate certain “supernatural” abilities, within us, I think connecting back with spirit and nature is the best way. I think developing telepathy and other “supernatural” abilities is possible without putting a chip in you, it just takes more time. Things like Affirmations, Subliminals, Binaural Beats and Morphic Fields can already do so much if one leaves the skepticism behind and has faith in the power of the subconscious. We’ve been told our entire lives that changing things like your eye color or other physical feature is not possible without surgery, yet there are people out there that have deprogrammed themselves to a degree where this becomes possible. To sum all of this up: There are already ways to become faster, smarter, whatever you want because your subconscious is limitless. People now have the choice between the easy way (merging with technology, Neuralink etc.) or the “hard” way (connecting back with spirit, getting rid of subconscious blockages, realizing their natural power). The easy way comes with way more consequences (in my opinion). Thanks for reading my comment. Love and Light to you!

  15. For anyone having a hard time with the theory that we are all one, just picture the big bang being played in reverse.

  16. For all we know, we could be in a virtual world or a simulation right now, and our “real self” is connected to a virtual headset in another realm! 🤔🤯

  17. This tech has ALWAYS been here. It’s ALWAYS been fake. ALL of it to influence some into damnation and servitude… and others into spiritual evolution and divination. Purging grounds for us… Soul-lure system for others.

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