CONFLICT! CONFUSION! MISINFORMATION! All Roads Lead To HEALING! Weekly Forecast for ALL 12 Signs!

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CONFLICT! CONFUSION! MISINFORMATION! All Roads Lead To HEALING! Weekly Forecast for ALL 12 Signs!

Weekly Astrology Forecast for March 22nd through March 28th, 2021

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    • As my son always say… it’s NOT a competition…. lol just joking around. Sorry it’s the Leo in me. Congratulations on being first 😄

    • @A S Lol! It’s ok. I dont mind. It’s just that it’s my first time being Heather’s first viewer..🤭🤪
      I have Leo moon n rising too♌😁 with Scorp sun though.

    • @TheSuri26 and i have a scorpio moon ♏ ☺ somewhat similar energies i guess 🙃

  1. This is speaking to me very strongly. Libra rising, Virgo sun. I’m on the cusp of two job offers–one is going to be a very intense job but great training in my current industry and the other is less intense but an entirely new industry and I don’t know the players as well. I feel so murky on making the choice and like there’s a lot of information missing which would help me make the best decision.

  2. Wow. We’ve had exactly one week so far this year that didn’t have “challenging energy” and absolutely nothing happened good ovah here. The bad keeps delivering, though. 😖

  3. Wow, super interesting to hear about these energies coming up this week. This will be the first week of a Shadow Work Journey I’m launching and to have such intense but difficult energies come up, which eventually lead toward healing seems fated. ✨🖤✨

  4. Aries 11:38
    Taurus 15:13
    Gemini 17:50
    Cancer 20:51
    Leo 23:16
    Virgo 25:56
    Libra 28:37
    Scorpio 31:22
    Saggitarius 34:05
    Capricorn 35:35
    Aquarius 37:31
    Pisces 39:18

  5. So interesting that you mention skin issues as an example! I’m going through that now and just praying for some answers and healing💜💜💜

  6. Thank you for these videos every Saturday Heather 💖 I love looking forward to it every weekend!!!!!!

  7. Breakfast with Heather is becoming a Saturday routine.

    Thank you Heather! With my ♓️ rising, ♌️ sun, and ♊️ moon it’s nice to catch a glimpse of the opposite directions I’ll get pushed and pulled in the week coming😂

  8. Omg I get my biopsy from derm back on Thursday/Friday and I’ve been dealing with autoimmune skin issues for over a year! Fingers crossed that I finally find answers and something that helps. 🙏

  9. Some of this stuff has happened already today was starting to appear yesterday….

  10. The more volatility the better, I can further learn how to stay out of the way

  11. Having an allergic skin reaction to something rt now, so this resonates.

  12. Thank you, Heather! Such a saving grace are your forecasts!

  13. Thats interesting because the last 3 weeks when everyone said it was going to be good it was bad. There was nothing in my chart that was conflicting so this is all just half a** backwards 😳

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