C*I*A’s Global Transmission- Reflections on a Uranus Return – David Hamblin

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Please join us for a very special conversation with David Hamblin, and our fabulous globetrottin’ Alex Trenoweth Agent 144.
Parts of a series of honouring our astro elders as they live thru their Uranus Return's, we take a look into their contributions to astrology and their fascinating stories. David is a UK-based astrologer that’s written definitive books on astrology, Harmonics Charts and the Spirit of Numbers. He’s a former Chairman of the Astrological Association (1983–1985) and Faculty of Astrological Studies tutor.

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  1. This is a good interview! Thank you Alex and thank you David for sharing your theories and experience of astrology. The beauty of astrology is that our understanding is enriched as we live through the planetary cycles with awareness. The result is wisdom and the elders have so much of that to share!

  2. Alex, this interview is excellent. You did a wonderful job drawing out the essence of David’s philosophy of astrology and anchoring it within the context of his lived experience. Following his comment on twins’ charts, I have two sets of twins in my immediate family. The first are monozygotic twins born two minutes apart. The second are dizygotic twins also born two minutes apart. Both sets of twins have Scorpio moons and are Sagittarius rising. I had only just recently come to the same conclusion as David—one twin is living out the moon placement in the chart more fully, while the other reveals more of the Sun’s placement. This is the case in each set of twins who were born decades apart. You and I have connected before around my NDE experience Alex… You have my chart information and contact info if either of you is interested in following up on this. Lots of food for thought in this great interview .Thank you.

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