C*I*A Solstice Festival Part 1 – Julija Simas and Olga Morales

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For all of you attending the Sacred Uluru Ceremony, the heart centre chakra of the planet from afar, please note the change in time. 7:32pm ULURU ACST (-9:30 Timezone)
Here is the Astrology chart aligned with the Sun at zero Capricorn setting in the WEST with Mercury, our solar power and our mindful trickster in a strong position.
The alignment of Jupiter and Saturn at zero Aquarius show the need for all of us to attend, to focus our intentions for the good of the planet, not just ourselves.
The Moon and Neptune align in the house of international and universal truth in the sign of far reaching Pisces, opposite Vesta goddess of the hearth, devotion and focus perfectly placed in Virgo.
Zero Cancer rises, a powerful cardinal force and instigator to connect our common family of Mother Earth!
Mars and Eris activate new beginnings, bold and brave attitudes as well as the spreading of our intentions and new ways forward, square to Pluto probing and reminding us of the constant battle to revamp to a crumbling system.
The North Node in the 12th house in Gemini, joins our minds and attention at this time.
Get involved!
And JOIN our FESTIVAL for more info on the astrology of the solstice and the New Era dawning – here

Full Program and registration and link here :


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