C*I*A Solstice Festival Dec 21st – PART 2

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C*I*A Solstice Festival Dec 21st – PART 2
Host Alex Trenoweth with guests Ana Andrade, – the Nazca Lines and the Solstice, Christos archos on the astropsychology of Jupiter and Saturn, Israel Ajose the new President of the astrological Lodge London.
Hosts Liz Hathway and Laura Boomers Trent with guest Faye Blake of the rise of the Sacred Feminine and Ceres and 2021 and beyond.
Host Alex Trenoweth with guests Julian Venables the philosophy of Jupiter and Saturn moving to AIR, Ra Rishikavi Raghudas and Alex Trenoweth on Astrology and film Ehsan Khazeni.
Host Cassandra Butler on all things Aquarius with special guests Livinia Kirdani about her knowledge and experiences with our `space brothers and sisters' and Rev Col. Tim -healing fear and more.

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