Chronovisor – Device that Can View Past Events Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives

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It was called the Chronovisor, and with it he had seen not only the last days of the life of Jesus – the agony, the betrayal, the trial, crucifixion – but the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the creation of the Ten Commandments, and other biblical moments, as well as notable historical events, like a speech by famed Roman Senator Marcus Tullius Cicero, a performance of the lost tragedy Thyestes, and even events from the life of Napoleon.
It must be said, Pellegrino Ernetti was not an eccentric man by nature. He was a Benedictine monk, a scientist and author, a musicologist, and the chair of Prepoliphony at the prestigious Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Music in Venice. In other words, he was not the type of man prone to telling fantastical stories.
Brune knew this, and thus he immediately began to question Ernetti about the mysterious Chronovisor.
Ernetti revealed that the idea had come to him many years earlier while working on a project with his colleague, Father Agostino Gemelli, at the Catholic University of Milan. While attempting to filter harmonics out of old Georgian chants, they had seemingly heard the voice of Gemelli's dead father speaking through the recorder.
Intrigued, if not stunned, Ernetti began to wonder, what did happen to the sounds that people made after they ostensibly disappeared? Could it really be that voices from the past were being recorded somehow?

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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    • Those who love playing ancient Blame/Shame/Complain games are also doing so for their Masters of control. We’re all responsible for being (representing humanity). Maybe next life we’ll all do more than just comprehend such important ancient knowledge? Maybe.

    • The vatican betrayed us with Hitler and now with crooked globalists, going against God and his ways all the way.

    • @Support Mass Censorship, use YouTube in anyway. Maybe there are enough incarnated here now to do more. Some people believe there is a planetary awakening of consciousness, next level if you will arising. Not all of humanity but enough to make a difference. A remnant of what used to be. Hard to say. Too many malignant filters in place blocking our mental processes.

  1. That would be incredible and what if the ancients had such technology but we think we are so smart and know everything

    • We are nothing but arrogant, primtive cavemen compared to the ancient people. Those people had technology far advanced that anything we have today

    • When in reality we know nothing. Not because we’re incapable but because our logical thinking is in the way. The truth of the universe doesn’t fit with our ” logical” paradigm. There are way too many people who will never wake up or refuse to listen and be open minded about anything. simply because it sounds too ” incredible ” to be true.
      If they only knew…

  2. Honestly speaking we think we are advance but our ancestors were more advanced before the last great flood took place

    • Know this ! We are so in the dark when it comes to Technology it’s unimaginable. It is all deliberate.

    • God flooded the world because of forbidden magik and knowledge that was taught by the fallen angels. They took the daughters of men and bore giant children called the nephelim which god saw as evil. The angels taught magik with crystals and herbs and taught the women about makeup and God saw this as blasphemy so he flooded the world to start all over again.

    • The antediluvian civilizations were more sophisticated then credited for whether they were more advanced than our current civilization can only be speculated since history has been whitewashed by institutions such as the Vatican and the Smithsonian.

  3. Been waiting on a video about this!.. I wish we could get into the Vatican I know they have world changing info

  4. Not only do you have a brilliant voice. Your passion to delve into history and mysteries to define reality is outstanding.

    • Yes, she does. However, her skills were better before they “trained” her. She was really outstanding in the beginning!

  5. The picture with Jesus in it as already been proven to be fake its a picture of a painting.

    • The guy who took it said it was forged to prove to people to the device works because they wouldn’t believe.

    • Anything out of the Vatican has to be questioned at least a thousand times before you even try to consider it. The only thing that comes out of there is pure manipulation

    • People will hold on to a lie rather than accept the truth. Because sometimes the truth will make you reevaluate your whole belief system.

    • @Nina Starr Bina it’s easier to fool someone than convince them they’ve been fooled

  6. The Vatican is hiding the truth for sure, but i don’t think they are hiding time travel, time seeing and recording machines haha. Still, pretty interesting idea

    • Really there is no time there is only the now moment. The past and future are places / spaces you can visit with consciousness and this technology and others have been hidden since WWII

    • The divining serpent holds possession of many things that would make ppl question their reality. Moreover, DNA Awakening should return to their own channel soon.

    • @c ankhovich If it could read your imagination then whats to say it couldn’t just project that onto a screen? After all it’s projecting events that were never recorded with any lense.

    • From what angle and perspective would this “machine” know where to focus on? Unlike the acoustic sound theory where you have an actual artifact to bring out sound how could you withdraw images from something?

  7. Chronovisor: purely science fiction. Look, Mr. Spock built a Chronovisor out of primitive vacuum tubes and plugged it into his Tri-corder. Go look up Star Trek TOS, “The City on the Edge of Forever,” 1967.

  8. Honestly, I always wonder what Vaticans are actually hiding from humanity. If I was a trained criminal, I would try to break in to find their secret lair.

    • Huh, I never thought about the criminal part.
      But yeah, me too, I always wanted to go down the rabbit hole, just to see all of these so called conspiracy are real or not.
      Like the pyramids, hollow earth stuff, etc…
      Really bothers me not knowing but couldn’t do anything about it.

    • One of the things you’ll find there are Homo Capensis skeletons. Homo Capensis, the elongated skull people, the most well-known specimens are the Paracas skulls from Peru

    • Vatican is shut down , our history as to where we came from has been found. 769 books of the Bible, was NEVER PLACED INTO THE BIBLE. Fear if humanity knew their own powers , having control of humanity would be impossible.
      Book of Enoch
      Book of Thor
      Use DuckDuckGo as your search engine .
      Start there …. you’ll be shocked !

  9. I’ve heard of it they called it the looking Glass😁the reflection of Earth supposedly reflects back 20yrs from rings of Saturn.

  10. this made me think about the terracotta army.. what if, they recorded the voice of every individuals in their statues?

  11. Really interesting! Reminds of the scriptures that say the stones and walls themselves will testify to the sins of the people.

  12. Just imagine how advanced the PEOPLE of earth would be has all this secret cia programs been public???

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