Can We Contact Extraterrestrials Through Meditation?

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The power of our consciousness to hcange the outcome of an event is well documented and statistically significant. Can we use our consciousness to contact ET species?

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  1. The extraterrestrials will come to you if they have a love or connection to you without meditation or having to be summoned by a ritual trust me.
    And just as on earth with people there are good and bad extraterrestrials..Be careful who you might end up with.

  2. The power of the mind to attract and will, is existential. Like the hyperspace dimensions we’ve yet to stumble across, the mind too is largely uncharted but ready for a deeper and ever broader scientific exploration.

    • It’s true look at the mental gymnastics Democrats do to try to justify pure stupidity

  3. The great Indian Mathematician whose many equations still baffle mankind claimed that the formulas came to hom in his mind during mediation on a local deity in a temple. Like Mozarts complete symphonies that came to him,Ramanujam received detailed very advanced mathematical formulas like he was reading from text. Its even more amazing as Ramanujam had no formal college education or degree at that time. Even now his firmukas are being used to understand black holes and the dimension of time. Was he receiving this knowledge from intelligent beings ( Aliens) ftom another dimension?

    • Indeed that guy is very cool I remember hearing his story I personally think he tapped into the Akashic records as my guru sadh guru says it’s basically the ancient internet

  4. Thank you 🙏🏼
    Dr. Greer and Gaia team. I have opened a pathway to intelligent working energies. I’ve also closed it as our intentions and behaviors effect the working.
    they are so loving and willing to help. It’s difficult to talk to everyday people about it but I’m so happy that this is being discussed. Like Dr. Greer my life force has been returned to my body more than once.
    So much understand that it’s incomprehensible to me sometimes.
    I will NEVER be the same 💖💖💖

  5. In Indian History it has been proven that thousands of year ago Sages of India use to meditate and were able to contact God’s (Present day the Aliens)

    • Really witch texts that very interesting I know they had crafts back then called vimanas and extremely advanced weapons such as a nuke in the Mahabharata that the explosion looked like one of the heads of brama and they used it on mahenjo daro witch was proven to be true

  6. Yep it works depending on your state who you contact I vectored 2 circular with a hole in the middle of them they were glowing extremely bright never seen anything brighter and they were slowly moving towards the east I just watched close encounters of the 5th kind and tried it and it worked got a vid too and found 23 others of the same crafts on YouTube much love to all contact has begun❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Every time I see a craft in the sky ,and with my heart chakra open to it . I send it love and it responds with a power up light . When I say thank you it does it again to respond ! It really does work its amazing ♥️

  8. With an open mind, a loving heart, and pure intent, initiating ET contact (CE-5) absolutely works.

  9. This is badd-fricking- azzzz!!!! Imagine if stuff like this is taught in everyday schools and if we built on it, and what this means for the power of the MIND which is the True Eye of seeing. I know some may knock it… but JESUS did once say… “When 3 or more of you come in MY NAME, there I AM”….

  10. I experienced this by accident back in 2017 , I had this huge drive discipline motivation to meditate and so I watched videos on it and began daily, hard in the beginning but after 5 to 6 days I was in and took q step further by not allowing my mind to wonder third week mind became silent with no effort and one night staring out into the night sky I saw it , a craft making 90° turns, its lights flashing on and off when suddenly a thought of they are aware of my focus on them pop into my mind and imagined myself sending a telepathic message to them including lighting up my location, why ? I dont know it just felt the right thing to do. And it continued for about three weeks and they made contact, mind you i had no expectations , had i known that would have been the results, i would not have started……

  11. Yes, I saw a rainbow 🌈 ship today ♥ the pleiadians #lightforaustria Namaste 🙏

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