Can Walking Barefoot on Earth Rid You of Chronic Illness?

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Can walking barefoot on the Earth rid you of chronic illness and inflammation? According to research and peer-reviewed studies it just might. When we're grounded to the Earth's surface, we recieve excess electrons which can slow the inflammation process, allowing the body to heal quicker.

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  1. We in Nepal our grandfathers use to walk barefoot and they new this u guys r saying in this video not science but our forefathers new this ……for more mystical things come Himalayan of nepal

  2. Only if you believe it can, like most other things. It’s not in your feet, it’s in your head. IMO.

    • Watch Earthing on GAIA great documentary to expand your knowledge on earthing.

    • Don’t be silly, walking barefoot does most certainly do something good to your foot and body and brain. Not sure why exactly they need to makeup crap on the subject though, if you wanted to electrically charge your body… there’s a much better way to do that then walking outside.

  3. My Nieghbors call me the Indian. I wear no shows at home year round. On gravel, in the woods, on asphalt, ice or grass.

    • I used to be able to do this but not so much now. Going to be investing in some 100% moose hide moccasins.

  4. My feet are too soft to walk on bear feet, scared I might get cut to be honest lol. But will give it a go

    • Your feet will callus over time. 😁
      Just be careful where you’re walking for awhile until you get used to it.

    • Should stay in the grass, My feet are soft. It’s a beautiful experience, you can connect w others. Thoughts with energy is powerful. I try to take away negative like others pain and hardship. Then I like to out put Glowing love. People who need a hug, maybe someone is thinking of suicide and a warm energy washes over them and a whisper says I love you. There is many people connecting I try to cover the Earth in this. P.S. I love God. πŸ’œπŸ™

    • Try getting some earthing shoes. I’m ordering 100% moose hide moccasins.

  5. Just thinking…When I was a child I almost didn’t know what shoes were (almost) and yet my barefoot little self seemed to always be fighting the Flu…just thinking

  6. whenever I have to walk on grass with shoes, it feels like Im walking with shoes in someones house on their clean carpet..:)

  7. Yes it’s true but one must walk in grass when it’s dew on will help in controlling blood presure and eye sight and good for heart too…that’s why 100 of years ago kings used to walk in their marvelous gardens early in the morning…

  8. Awesome! My grandmother would take me outside every morning to walk the morning dew off the grass, thought it was a type of detox method, but never thought of it as electron exchanges.
    Time to break out the tenz unit, copper ground rod & N52 magnets.

  9. Can you post the peer reviewed studies in the description

  10. You can walk barefoot in San Francisco. You can feel the electrons going through your body. Recharging you.

  11. Walked barefoot a lot growing up in Jamaica now all I’m left with is a bunch of calluses 🀣

  12. Yeah don’t you think it’s weird that you do yoga on a rubber mat… stoping that electromagnetic flow of mother earth through yourself?

  13. Over the course of my life, much of it has been barefoot, or laying on the earth, to “feel right”.
    These days, every opportunity to doff the footwear, is taken – example – I had some ‘foot fungus’ that was a bit of a problem to get shot of. Went for a walk along a sandy beach, and within a day, the ‘foot rot’ was gone, & not returned.
    It also helped a lot, when I was working 12 hour + shifts, upto 6 days, or nights, a week, for more than 12 years, it was when not at work, weather & shifts allowing, my ‘sleep’ in the day, was more akin to deep meditative states, to retain energy levels, and allow me to continue with the employment

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