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  1. The one reading this is about to be blessed tenfold.
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    • They said. This was another distraction. For the public.. in UK while Public England shared all the Cvd Deaths through Injection

    • All you have to do is look up “Matt Hancock Klaus Schwab” and have a look at what our “health secretary” was really involved with and see what he really wanted.

  2. More rules for thee but not for me! They told you to lock up, don’t even shake hands or hug and he’s out here having affairs. Think it’s still about a sickness?

  3. To the person reading this I don’t know you, but welcome. You are exactly where you need to be right now and in this moment. Cherish each moment of this beautiful life and all things are possible. You are surrounded in love and protection. You are enough and an amazing human. Have a great life from here on and on.
    ~ Much love from a Law Of Attraction YouTuber💜

  4. Hancock is all distraction distraction as always. Don’t bite beloved

  5. I never followed their rules. I only follow my own rules and principles, like the lone wolf 😉

  6. There’s the audio of the court earring on YouTube if you search “ Britney Spears court audio “ I’m glad she’s taking her power back ✨🔥

  7. It would be nice if the walls came crumbling down faster. Expose it all.

    • The bricks 🧱 are a tumblin’ down

      People are learning, they are getting smarter, more conditioned to recognize the hunter and as a collective, right now souls already feel preyed upon. 👁

  8. The same goes for politics. Politicians want to just control, control & control more. Meanwhile, they think they can still do whatever they want as if they’re always exempt from their own rules. It’s SO CRAZY!

    • Yep, My parents just wont listen to me at all, But one took the shot and one didnt, But still in all, They both need to be eating alkaline,And they dont, So their health is following the sheep by design, And that is,Going straight to the Doctors office routinely.Oh well, I tried to tell them.

  9. Every human has to care more about their OWN Self care and don’t give a f what others think. We know the Truth 🙏

  10. Didn’t comedian Monique talk about “being pimped” years ago? They did everything they could to destroy her 🤔

  11. Those poor children are the ones to suffer from infidelity. As for Britney, she asked for privacy so, I respectfully did not watch the Trial that someone sent me. Everyone loves dirty laundry. Lol Thanks, Ralph! Love the shirt! Yes, we all must be responsible for our actions. Karma always, finds it’s way home! And every single time! ( Integrity) (Authenticity) I myself, care how I act, what I say, etc. even when I’m alone for I was raised well. Thanks, Mom and Dad! ❤️ I’m sorry your videos are getting deleted Ralph! Peace ✌️ I’m Alive and Happy to be!

  12. “They are afraid of love because love creates a world they can not control” Wow, Ralph this is so insightful and so true; thank you 🙏🏾💜

  13. Also Christian Ronaldo, he take Coca-Cola off from the table and take the water and drink it… Cocacola lost a lot of money….. Also Christian was un masked 😘

  14. “By creating a state of emergency in our psyche, fear distracts us from the relevant facts on which we should base our conscious decisions. A fight-or-flight instinct kicks in instantaneously when we’re afraid, leaving no time for us to question its merits.”
    “Fear can be used as a tool to manipulate. Those in positions of power effectively used fear to control society.”
    “Because to take away a man’s freedom of choice, even his freedom to make the wrong choice, is to manipulate him as though he were a puppet and not a person.”
    “Freedom is messy. But since tyranny’s the only guaranteed byproduct of those who insist on a “perfect world”, freedom will have to do.”

  15. Britney’s depression started early on (probably around 2007 – shaving her head), when she realized how the industry and people around her were using her, that’s probably when she woke up. You could see the timeline of her depression, her slowly sinking over the years, which manifested on her outward appearance as well. You could see her break down many times. She was very young. Trapped, and surrounded by these people, unable to find an exit. They drugged her systematically and controlled her. Such radical, relentless control over all areas of one’s life, is mildly said – insane and criminal. They have such a tight grip on her. Manipulated and used for other people’s interests, left consequences on a young psyche. It really is so sad, being so powerless over your life with so much on your name and talent, and having worked so hard and earning so much. She retreated almost out of shame, and of what her life had become. I imagine it was unbearable for her, not even being able to voice it. But during this time she’s always been public about her faith in god. I hope she heals and that her spirit always remains this unbreakable and her strenght shines through. I looked up to her and watched her when I was a little girl and I couldnt believe the cruel play on her life. Nobody deserves to live like that, she is being tortured. She must get justice or this system does not work. God bless.

  16. “These people who you are following, don’t even follow their own rules.”
    ^^^ 🗣💯

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