BLOOD MOON Eclipse in Sagittarius MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

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BLOOD MOON Eclipse in Sagittarius MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Weekly Astrology Forecast for ALL 12 SIGNS!

Weekly astrology forecast for May 24th through May 30th, 2021

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  1. Hey there Heather,

    I am so glad to see you looking so radiant, happy and healthy❣️🤗😍

    As always, I thank you for your time, and your dedication to those who resonate with your intuitive interpretations of the energy for the week ahead.

    God Bless you and your family. Much Love and good fortune to you all.❣️🤗😍

  2. Really needed a safe space to reflect on all of this energy right now, thank you Heather! I am a Sun Sign Sag, so things are feeling intense!

  3. I so look forward to Saturday mornings with coffee & Heather ✨ Thank you!

  4. Weekly Info 0:01
    Lunar eclipse : 4:30
    Aries ♈ 14:21
    Gemini ♊ 20:03
    Cancer ♋ 22:11
    Virgo ♍ 26:52
    Sagittarius ♐ 33:19
    Scorpio ♏ 31:01
    Leo ♌ 24:24
    Aquarius ♒ 38:38
    Libra ♎ 28:59
    Taurus ♉ 17:37
    Capricorn ♑ 36:30
    Pisces ♓ 41:11
    Another week info 43:47

    • Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon & Ascendant. My entire mental health has deteriorated over the past week. My depression, anger, and anxiety has gone into overdrive. I’ve become nihilistic and lost motivation, energy, hope, and drive. I’m going to check my chart when I have the brain space to do so (whenever that is). Oh, and my autoimmune conditions have launched me into a deep fatigue on top of dealing with a break up from a three year relationship and reverting to self-destructive cycles. There is no level of therapy or healthy self-talk that can drag me out of this right now. I’m drained, I’m done 💔

    • @Whitney Salvador pray dear …Gid has a different plan fir you , no matter how bad it is there’s something good about it even if you don’t see it now

    • @Whitney Salvador sorry for writing again, just wanted to say that hopefully soon you will see why did that happen? Just have patience and faith in God to show you the path … and don’t forget to love and hug yourself..God loves you 🌸❣️🌸

  5. Gemini 20:05
    Cancer 22:12
    Thank You Heather💃

  6. Aquarius rising here, I’m gonna meet my romantic interest for the first time around the time of the eclipse after 2 months of texting hehe.

    • i’m a sun and moon aqua so i just wanted to wish a fellow aqua good luck.🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • @chérie aww thank you 🙂 hope you have a great eclipse too 💜

  7. Dear Saggies, please don’t go off on a drunken rant this weekend and definitely do not put it in writing! 😅

    • make sure you grab a drunk texting buddie to make sure you don’t text old exes with retrograde energy as well lol I don’t have any Saggie energy but I’ll be thinking and sending y’all love through this crazy energy shift <3

  8. I started feeling this strong energy on Wednesday. Very powerful. Now I understand why- Sag sun, Libra moon, Pisces rising. Phew here we go! Buckle up! 😅💫✨✨✨

  9. the title is true. My life changed miraculously and I am euphoric as of this morning. This is a LIFE changing eclipse… it is exact sextile my sun in Libra.

  10. This is my birthday week, 5/25. I am a mature Gemini, Sag, Leo. Let me tell you, I am so ready for a change and thank you for such a lovely reading.

  11. Heather – We are going to be swimming around like the Pisces thinking what the heck is going on.
    Me, with a sun in Pisces – So is that why I never have any idea what’s going on lol

    Also as a Pisces sun, Leo rising, and Aries moon I am in love with all this energy <3 I am putting this into the universe and claiming it 🙂

  12. Aries 14:25, Taurus 17:36, Gemini 20:08, Cancer 22:07, Leo 24:33, Virgo 26:47,Libra 28:56, Scorpio 31:13, Sagittarius 33:18, Capricorn 36:26, Waterman 38:46, Pisces 41:07

  13. Oh my this transit is hitting my 12th and 6th house of my Rising (Capricorn) and moon (Cancer) signs. My sun (Pisces) sign is definitely adding to the moving on from the past. I’m ready!!! It’s time!!!

  14. Leo Rising here and Sag Sun and Aquarius moon! Just found out I am preggers with my 2nd child (surprise baby) so I am very happy and I hope it all works out! ❤💋

  15. My Gemini rising is 6 degrees, can’t imagine how this will effect me , my north node is 3 degrees in Pisces with my mid heaven in Pisces so I’ll just wait and see , good luck to everyone ⚡️💫

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