BIZARRE Full Moon Joins Uranus to SHOCK US Into Change! Weekly Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs!

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BIZARRE Full Moon Joins Uranus to SHOCK US Into Change! Weekly Astrology Forecast for All 12 Signs!

Weekly astrology forecast for October 26th through November 1st, 2020

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  1. I’m in the house for the next 10 days 3xTaurus.3xScorpio.Capricorn Rising.. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  2. Libra rising, scorpio moon and sag sun and i have been feeling anxious a lotttt lately.

  3. ⚫Timestamps⚫

    📕Intro 02:21
    ♈Aries 09:23
    ♉Taurus 11:22
    ♊Gemini 13:55
    ♋Cancer 16:15
    ♌Leo 18:21
    ♍Virgo 21:05
    ♎Libra 23:00
    ♏Scorpio 25:27 happy birthday to us!
    ♐Sagittarius 27:56
    ♑Capricorn 30:03
    ♒Aquarius 31:28
    ♓Pisces 33:40

  4. I love what you bring to the table. I’ll always support you because that’s what you do for us. Thank you.

    • As a pisces I agree. Especially where I’m from we have a lot of mild tropical storms, a very beautiful time.

    • @Margo Rowe same. ☺️ My moon and mercury rx are also there. I’m so ready….

  5. Heather Eland!!!! Can’t wait til Tuesday!!! Oh and the new hair color looks great!!! ; )

  6. Full moon on my AC-DC axis!

    Ps. Add black moon Lilith to the mix. She just entered Taurus ♉️

  7. Heather, I am so frustrated with the way that I make money. Yes I feel like rebelling. I have no house, no car and I work and work and work.

  8. Holy Moly, I’m a ♏ 🦂 Scorpio, November 1st. Okay you just shook me!!! 🦂💫🙏Let’s see what Happens, I have my eyes on a pisces ♓ … let’s see

  9. My daughter and I are both Taurus sun/moon and Scorpio rising. Her sun and rising, my moon and rising both fall within the degrees you mentioned. I’m hoping for a positive manifestation of this full moon energy. And my husband is Aquarius rising/moon so the energy will fall in his 4th house. It will be interesting to see how all these placements play out for our family.

  10. Heather ” this week is a kinda crazy week” …..for the millionth time in 2020 lol

  11. I turn 30 on October 30! How I love hearing my boyfriend say “Happy halloween and Happy birthday” every year…so excited for all the good things to come! (I have 5 placements of my birth chart in Scorpio, all between 5 and 12 degrees…oh my xD) New unexpected clients for my business would be awesome right now, but I know that Uranus is going to take my by surprise anyway, so I’ll try not to set my hopes on anything in particular…either way, fingers crossed!

  12. Her:this week is kinda a crazy week
    Me:i mean my life has been crazy all along……..

  13. Your hair looks pretty, Heather. I’ve been growing mine really long, too. Haven’t been to the salon with the mask requirements. Lol. But I’m enjoying the length so it’s great.

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