“Beware Of The Coming Rapture” Prepare Yourself For The Final Days!

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    • Did you see what happend in south Africa and the river in Germany,I heard in the future If USA will not give Egypt money anymore the Ethiopian dam will collapse and will wash egypt

    • @Chacko Athanasius typical Christian closed mindedness….Jesus is a Master but not the only spiritual master that exists…he is one of the Ascended Masters…not the ultimate master…Ultimate Master is how they keep you locked in believing in an edited belief system that removed content that connects to other faiths to prevent people from truly living as Jesus did.



    • I’m not sure why you feel it necessary to constantly remind your followers to respect their mentors, i.e., YOU. I’ve been following you for quite some time because I resonated with your messages, but I never considered you my mentor. This is pure ego and a bit of a turn off, to be completely honest. I’m not trying to be rude, but I feel like someone needs to point this out. Simply spread your messages and trust that like-minded individuals will continue to tune in. This demand for personal recognition and validation is just silly. You are the only channel I’m subscribed to who insists that their followers acknowledge them as a “master.” Hmm. . .

  2. Affirm: I am attracting good things into my life.
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    • Rapture only means “caught up”, @Ralph Smart, and it can be in a physical or emotional sense. The emotional is a temporary state while the physical one is considered an endless ascending of body and mindset. As for the latter, it begins once the Branch Messiah enters his Temple of the USA’s White House to begin the 90% (Matthew 25:1-11) of his world’s, the people of earth, elimination off of the earth. That should be completed 40 th 50 years after the Branch Messiah takes over the USA’s president’s office. Only 10% of man will be Raptured.

  3. Affirm: I am attracting good things into my life.

  4. Here is a thing so a religious person just told that oh this spirtual people just want Love , they dont want to hurt animals , they are too empathetic , they are authentic
    Me- oh WOW🧿

  5. They won’t stop trying to cage us until we fight back.

  6. life is your painting and its your choice whether you want to be a Picasso, or someone who doesn’t believe that they have a paintbrush.

  7. In every spiritual practice, there is a beginning and an end however, the end is not the end of all. It instead is the end of one chapter to make way for the new one. Let’s move on to the new 5D world together brothers and sisters. Keep your third heart open and your ego in check.

  8. I am French and listening to you all the way from Provence . Sending love …

  9. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek. 👁💫

    • And the cave can be a wonderful home to live in, I have several teachers say that a high vibration person in meditation can be more effective than 10 social activists.

  10. “ what you consume will consume you “

    THAT was powerful

  11. One love deep divers keep the vibes high and remember to do something today that you can thank yourself for tomorrow.

  12. They are starting to give the jab to the zoo animals 😢 they also want us to inject it to our pets. No Way Jose!! Not to the cat 🐈 down the road

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