Bertrand Russell – The Polymath & Philosopher | What is The True Nature of Reality?

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Appearance and Reality – Bertrand Russell
►Inspired? Learn more about Bertrand Russell, the British polymath awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1950:

This video is a voice over of the introduction from Bertrand Russell's famous book – Appearance and Reality (1893)

Author: Bertrand Russell
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Bertrand Russell Books:

Speaker: John Mydrim Ballantyne Davies

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    • Joe Davis Not completely true or false on your statement, everything you wrote is now for sure because infinite reality means repeating your first belief of reality as creation and destruction as self existence first believing itself as self other and other self. You are the Universe and the universe is You repeating its existence as its self explanation because existence can never change the concept of its self explanation, infinite reality and first belief of reality are the same and never change but must infinitely repeat as eternal recurrence. You as I and I as you have always and will always repeat as this YouTube conversation and this YouTube conversation will always and has always repeated I as you and you as I.

    • @the uniques … The uniques, thank you for paying attention. Here is what I go by these days : all the wisest people of all times have said two things :- simplify, and look to Nature…. and from me, say and think I love you a lot. Put your attention on the good points of others.

  1. … The cheesy background music here hinders one from paying full attention to Bertrand Russell’s important words. No wonder nobody understands anything.

    • @Julian Walker … If the AI is working right, everything we say in comments everywhere, can be put together for a channel.

  2. I lost my job during the pandemic.
    I created this channel believing for better for myself and the world 🌍

  3. These are really good thoughts, and if I had another life I would study philosophy together with arts.
    One of my favourite quotes is: “The only true wisdom is to know that you know nothing” (Socrates).

  4. I do like Bertrand both for his message of peace and his rigorous formalization of math on the basis of set theory!

  5. Funny how Hunter buying a bagel is newsworthy, when the treason and other crimes documented on a laptop in the FBI’s possession, is not.

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