Benjamin Franklin: How to Restructure Your Life

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Learn the secrets behind Benjamin Franklin's colossal success, including his daily routine and the "13 Virtues" he lived by.

Narrated by Doug Barron

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  1. I don’t know the secret of mastering life but I do know that mastering your emotions is a fundamental step to it.

    • @Quietly Magnetic 100% agree Seneca’s works are outstanding, I’m literally just reading on the shortness of life section in his dialogues and essays now. Have you read anything of Epictetus ?

    • @mr w nothing substantial yet on Epictetus, least not in the same way as Marcus Aurelius or Seneca’s work. There really is a chasm of great work to dive into!

    • @Quietly Magnetic definitely, the more we delve the more fortified we become. There isn’t as much by Epictetus as there is others, but the Enchiridion is a very good read, although it’s not a huge amount of writings. I agree totally I read Marcus Aurelius and Seneca alot. I will subscribe to your channel, always happy to meet and support a fellow Stoic

    • @mr w I’ve always been interested in the practical application of Stoic principles and found Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations to share new light on each read! Thanks for the support, hope you enjoy the content and welcome any feedback.

    • @Quietly Magnetic well I just watched your Chadwick Boseman vid, and it blew me away. That is an absolute masterpiece my friend.

  2. Things to get serious about…
    1.) Your future
    2.) Your health
    3.) Your habits

  3. Great quote compilation. I appreciate the time yall put into this one. Cheers!

  4. I love the analytical and organized way he tried to address his moral failings, really shows that we can all better ourselves every day, even in little ways.

  5. Since we’re all addicted to technology nowadays it’s good to see channels like this help guide people like myself into the right direction mentally

  6. We will need to edit our lives often and ruthlessly, after all it is supposed to be a masterpiece 🖖

  7. Improvement, on a daily basis, will lead you to be the person you wish yourself to be.

    Good job once again, Franklin is always a larger than life figure, whose life can teach us many things.

  8. Somebody asked me recently “what did people do before electricity ?” because there was only so much sleep a person could take without going crazy. “The would think. They would create.”

  9. Red frost motivation another outstanding video, your channel has to be one of the best on you tube. It’s certainly my favourite, love everything you produce. Thankyou. Best wishes and stay safe and well to yourself and your family

    • to Anglos the world was created 6000 years ago, then there was the flood, Jesus, Shakespeare, the independence of the United States, the world wars, and that’s all.

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