Become the Calm at the Eye of the Storm, Election Peace and Serenity Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee

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There's never been more discomfort swirling all around, but you can find peace and serenity.

Learn how to make a peace oasis in your home, your life, and your heart, especially during these trying times. Because a calmness magnet for yourself and your loved ones, and learn how to flip this topsy-turvy energy on its head, taking the discomfort, and making it far more comfortable.

Jessica Lee and I, Michael Sandler are hosting a special pre-election youtube live event tonight to help you find peace, get more comfortable, and gain the calmness you need, to make it through these "special" days. So come join us for this extra peace-bringing event, and become a peace oasis, and the calm at the eye of the storm.

See you soon!

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