Backable: The Surprising Truth About What Makes People Take a Chance on You

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Backable: The Surprising Truth About What Makes People Take a Chance on You
Conversation with Deepak Chopra & Suneel Gupta

In the conversation, Suneel unpacks the methods of Oscar-winning producers, celebrity chefs, and founders of iconic companies to reveal the “it” factor that helps you stand out, think creatively, and get your ideas across effectively.


Suneel, who comes from a family of shining stars—including his mother, Damyanti Hingorani, the first woman engineer for Ford Motor Company, and his brother Sanjay Gupta, bestselling author and chief medical correspondent for CNN—went from being afraid to speak inside a room to running for public office.

He went from being rejected by every major investor he pitched to raising millions of dollars of funding from the same investors that backed Google, Uber, and Airbnb. All from practicing the advice in his book, “Backable” which contains fascinating stories, immediately actionable insights, and the behavioral keys to unlocking potential.




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