Awareness Explorers Episode 86: Deepak Chopra, Guest Explorer

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In this episode we talk to Deepak Chopra about his latest thoughts on awakening, consciousness, and his book, Total Meditation.

• Includes a guided meditation leading us to see how we are in everything, and how every experience includes, and is, the background of awareness.

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  1. As the proper experience not floundering “love” Love

  2. No one can be left out.
    But they may opt out? Highest possible truth can’t be forced or isn’t LOVE
    Who enjoys cannibalistic practice etc… stays back in darkness & the acts? With no Light of LOVE? They prefer pre-meditated murder

  3. Inability to meditate bc Wed @3:33 AM I’ve been awake my BP brane but I did spontaneously levitate 1 time & God can do that

  4. Deepak, “I” (I use that term inaccurately) experienced cosmic consciousness when I was seventeen (again, inaccurate, but I will explain). I spent what i later determined, since there was no sense of time,, five hours absent from existence as we know it. I returned with the “memory” of everything, everywhere, everywhen, simultaneously. All my interactions for months stripped my ego of masks, of assumptions of reality, and a cat scan and psychologist both cleared me of any problems.
    I did nothing to deserve it, it was a fluke of circumstances and I will happily explain.
    I’ve lived a normal life since then, though with a bit more insight than most into reality.
    I am nearing the end of my life and thought I would reach out to you, and I know no other way.
    I have met one other person who has had a similar event, and he was extremely depressed and wished it had never happened.
    I recognized the times I feel like that mostly like a blind man who regains his sight, loses it and then spends his time avoiding surgery for fear he will just lose it again. Many of my reactions to the event that were negative (tiny compared to the positive effects) were similar to what I have researched about people who do lose their sight or hearing.
    I have written no book seek no attention, I waited watching your career and it seems you are an ethical man.
    Your advice would be very welcome at your convenience or more appropriately, one of your employees to avoid possibly wasting your time. I am a retired elementary school teacher with plenty of time save for that age imposes.

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