Awakening With Spirit Summit

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This interview is part of the Awakening With Spirit Summit a free online event. For more information, please visit

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  1. This is from far one of the best conversations, inteligent yet full of kindness. Thank u.

  2. 🌳🌱🌱🌳sir i m invent Tree sensorable power acceptor Ai quantum India. This power acceptor Ai More update OUR new type Google quantum computer India

  3. YOU Dr Chopra are making a difference! Ok. My Family are beginning to hear Your message ‘Gently’, via myself…This itself I cannot express as to what such a Miracle this is!!! If I am but 1 there must be others experiencing similar yes? The Awakening Shift Is Happening!!! 🙏

  4. For Others who do not understand Yogic terms or Sanskrit as I do not…Try simply accepting these linguistic terms without needing to translate. Verbal language is then not an obstacle, at least that has been some of my experience. Otherwise We get caught up in intellect. Hope this helps someone 🙏

  5. DhanyabadDhanyabadDhanyabad thanksgretitude dhanyabad dhanyabad dhanyabad thanks

  6. Consciousness is before, as and after that what is temporary. It appears through me as I. xx

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