Awakening to Your True Identity with Michael Beckwith

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Michael Beckwith shares some of his most powerful techniques to help you move out of victimhood, give up blame, and learn how to take 100% responsibility for your own healing. Along with this comes techniques to amplify gratitude in your body to apply that in your connection with others and boost your affirmations. His techniques include ways you can: detox the soul with forgiveness, heal the heart with gratitude and awaken to your greatest potential.

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  1. I agree with most of it except for the life part. Life is a human construct. We are not alive, we simply are.

  2. I feel him ! great idea to learn inside a community like taking a class to relate with others with same views

  3. Just heard something I needed. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful talks.

  4. Love you so much REV! #AGAPEIAN…CANT WAIT To we open up again. I miss my home..πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  5. Thank You both for such a marvelous demonstration of Divine Truth πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™

  6. Soon as I saw that guy what he was saying oh hell no. Programming. The Matrix programming. Obey. Obey. Slave. Worship. Be compliant. I’m so over all of that… Never got stuck in that programming. I Am The Matrix soul trap Liberator and if you really want to know the truth find me.

  7. Dec- 17-20
    I am NOT a prophet
    I normally don’t post dreams like this on sites like this, but its a multi entendre dream. and after looking into it last night, there is some merit to it.
    Etherway, if you take voices from God or Dreams seriously or not ? I feel I have to warn.
    Research the topic for yourselves.
    (Balloon letters) “Must Nout” ( then an Image) a red lipped mouth with ( I think missile) as teeth , chewing what looked like a large ship.
    My interpretation?
    Lol .. Well there is the obvious one. (Must not eat shi*) But with the voice there is always dual meaning and clues.
    The word “NOUT” is an old word used to mean Cattle. So I researched it a bit with searches of coincidence online.
    Apparently Australian Ranches have found high levels of known cancer carcinogens in their beef . (Drum roll) from a fire retardent , that is sprayed airaly as a preventative measure, over grasslands and forest. It’s also in the water supply.
    This is a big deal because they have started raising Wagyu beef in Australia .
    With all the fires in the USA you can beat, millions of gallons of fire retardent has been sprayed over many states.
    I found a ship through an image search. It was a large industrial fishing ship.
    A guess? Maybe the seafood supply has been contaminated somehow? Fukushima is still pumping out radioactivity into the ocean? Best advice I could give is stay away from any bottom feeder. Shellfish ect. Contaminants accumulate on the bottom.
    As far as the mouth with missles? I don’t know. (I know it’s very thin.) but “I feel” some bad actor may try to get a WMD smuggled in on a ship? Maybe a fishing boat?
    Other than the feeling I don’t know.
    Bottom line is I’m not saying what to eat. Just with COV one niner? The supply lines are in disarray, and we have been seeing brands we don’t normally see. How well have these suppliers been vetted? We are talking about trusting bureaucrats with our safety.
    Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious. If some independent persons wanted to have some of this food tested?
    Anyway Merry Christmas and happy new year.
    Thank you Father of creation for his blessings seen and unseen. Amen.

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