Awaken from The Matrix (+ Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation) Law of Attraction

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Awakening to the Higher Self means stepping away from the linear time holographic realm, or what many refer to as “The Matrix.” ✅ WATCH MY FREE ONLINE MASTERCLASS (AND GET A FREE MEDITATION DOWNLOAD): 💥HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR EFFORTLESS MANIFESTATION ➡️

This video discusses how the true self is not limited to the physical body and is much more expansive, and also guide you through a spiritual awakening guided meditation.
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In essence, our true reality is much greater than the average consciousness can perceive within the physical constraints of the mind. This means there is much more that can be experienced when we move into a truer, higher version of ourselves. Awareness and observation measure our reality and experience and the consciousness we hold within our biological system is very much entangled in the physical realm, but we are much larger than that. We can awaken ourselves by activating our energy centers and harmonizing our consciousness with the pure consciousness of the Higher Self.

In this video is a guided meditation process to assist you in “awakening” your energy centers, move you into a pure light state and enable you to navigate outside of the physical and holographic frame of reference of reality (the matrix).




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  1. *💥Recommended Video: How to Attune to the Field of INFINITE Possibility & Manifest a New Reality! ➡***

  2. Dear person that’s reading: you can never change the past nor control the future, but you can the mood of the day by touching someone’s heart with your smile.😇❤️ Keep smiling, be free, you’re limitless and go forward.

    I believe in you, Love from a small YouTuber!🖤

  3. Things that help decalcify your pineal gland:

    1. Meditation
    2. Cutting out sugar
    3. Harataki powder & other natural supplements
    4. Eating chlorophyll rich foods
    5. Reading
    6. Grounding
    7. Sungazing
    8. Limiting exposure to television
    9. Essentials oils/ olfactory passage stimulation
    10. Yoga

  4. To whoever reads this: You are one with the abundant flow of the universe and will easily manifest your dreams☀️
    ~ Much Love from a Growing YouTuber💜

  5. Jessica you have no idea how much each video topic since I have found your channel aligns with what I have been experiencing before your uploads. Almost as if it was done with divine intention.

  6. Currently doing a detox as the initial phase of cleansing spiritually 🕊

  7. Whoever reading this, you’ll be succesful someday. Just keep on pushing ❤️

  8. Tank for your Channel praying to God that you reach 1 million subscriber by next year

  9. To who ever is reading this may all your dreams and desires come true Thanks for the knowledge & inspiration you give us have a great week 🌍🙌

  10. 🙏 I like the concept of projecting fragments of our self, I see this same thing as facets of the diamond of our Higher Self Awareness. I appreciate the unique variety of perspectives you are bringing on these topics. 👁⭐

  11. If I may just say, I love you and I love all of your videos 💗. Your youniverse, you are an angel in disguise!! 🙏 ❤ 💝❤🙏

  12. Hi good video they say if you don’t go with the crowd you’ll be left behind but I say if you’re going the opposite direction how can you be left behind 🤔🧐🤫👃👍

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