Avoid These Terrible Weight Loss Mistakes | Ronan Oliveira

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In this video, Ronan Oliveira breaks down weight loss and dives into the most common weight loss mistakes that people make in their weight loss journey.

This video is for you if you are on a weight loss journey or you are thinking about getting into one. You’ll not only learn how to lose weight fast but how to keep the weight off after completing your weight loss program.

Ronan notes that it’s common for a lot of people to gain back their weight after a weight loss program. Consequently losing the time and energy they invested in their weight loss transformation.

But what are the key nutritional facts and health tips you need to observe in order to keep your weight off? Watch the video to find out.😀

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 costly mistakes that people make in their weight loss journey:

⏰Video timestamps:

✅1:25 Failing to attach weight loss to your core values

✅2:41 Treating weight loss like a project

✅4:21 Trying to lose weight too fast

✅6:03 Assigning your future self to perfection

✅9:45 Blindly following weight loss plans

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About Ronan Oliveira:

💪Ronan Diego de Oliveira is Mindvalley’s Head of Health & Fitness and works alongside the world’s foremost experts in Health & Fitness. Ronan learned the science of Health & Fitness the hard way — by carefully dissecting raw medical studies and testing what he discovered — on his own body.

💪5 years ago Ronan’s body was deteriorating… With an over-demanding job, he spent a great deal of time feeling sick and tired, his mood was unstable and his mental focus was almost non-existent — a direct result of lack of exercise, poor diet, and bad sleep.

💪He decided to skip the hype, advertising and conventional ways of exercise and instead learn straight from scientific studies. He reproduced the experiments done by scientists in labs in his own body and saw how his health and fitness started to transform.

💪By applying science, Ronan regained his energy and focus, got strong and healthy, won the 1st place out of 11,000 runners in the Viper Challenge, the largest obstacle circuit race competition in Asia — and continued getting faster, fitter and stronger.

💪Today Ronan coaches people internationally to apply the best methods to get in shape, boost energy, and bring back their “zest” for life.

Don’t let your mindset hold you back from experiencing a weight loss transformation. Discover how to lose weight and keep it off with Ronan in this video.

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  2. Continuing to plan my meals and allowing myself to indulge once in awhile but get right back on track has been a game changer. I get right back on my healthy meal plan. Also exercise, which for me is walking. I’ve lost 40 pounds in 10 months which I know is a at a pretty slow pace, but I have been keeping it off.

  3. According to many experts, losing 1–2 pounds (0.45–0.9 kg) per week is a healthy and safe rate. Losing more than that is considered too fast and could put you at risk of many health problems, including muscle loss, gallstones, nutritional deficiencies and a drop in metabolism👍

  4. For me, it’s just about maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. I eat moderate (satiating) amounts of food, limiting to unhealthy foods to the odd treat and try to exercise regularly. I don’t like the idea of crash diets or “projects” as you mention

  5. 😀 The Ronan’s birthday is in coming. ❤️🤜🤛

    *November 16💪😄*
    ( I guess)

    My birthday was in
    *June 16*

  6. We shouldn’t lose weight to eat whatever we want, we should eat whatever we want and then lose weight. That’s more exciting and makes process more tolerable.

  7. So true! I used to “celebrate” my weight loss success with all the bad stuff that i had to cut out to achieve my goals. It was such an extreme roller coaster. Now I keep a steady healthy diet all year long & allow myself to eat something not usually in my diet, when I really want to or have no other choice, but keep it in my “safe options” without ever going on a binging sugar/carb reload. It’s a lot easier to maintain as a lifestyle.

  8. Very well said. Right on. Thank you for this wonderful eye opening information.

  9. Yes I did these mistakes in my past weight loss journey.. After watching videos from mind valley I have changed few things a d working on it now

  10. Hi Ronan, could you please suggest something for a person suffering with rheumatoid arthritis. What food groups to focus on and any strict no no’s while on a diet to lose weight and how to lose weight with rheumatoid arthritis as the medicines that are used to treat the condition are very strong and it becomes difficult to go through weight loss journey. Also please suggest which food can help me feel fuller for a longer time while supporting my exercise routine aimed at building muscle. Your way of explaining analogies gives an insight of ur extensive knowledge on the subject. I am tired of visiting nutritionists and fitness experts to give me a clear idea and knowledge of my condition and what could help me lead a pain free and medicine free life with an ideal weight. I am 38 years old, 5 ft 6 inches tall and weigh 79 kilograms. Looking forward to your reply. God bless🙏

  11. Hi Casper! I especially relate with the first point. I´ve gone on many diets that just don´t fit with my values. They’re too restrictive and don’t let me enjoy my food. I’m constantly learning how to create a healthy lifestyle for myself, instead of another diet.

  12. Beautiful Video, Have A Nice Day And Thank You For Sharing Mindvalley 😍♥️

  13. Completely agree with you. So many people are focusing or losing weight, when they actually should focus on changing their paradigms about it.

  14. I am on the way to replace my regular milk tea with green tea. In the future say after few months gonna replace white sugar with Jaggery powder.

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