Attract Abundance by Discovering Your Money Blueprint and Money EQ! Happy Money and Ken Honda!

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Attracting money's easier than you think, but it requires an understanding of the energy behind your money – and what's your money blueprint!

We all have wounds and blocks that have led to warped money blueprints that keep us from attracting the money we desire – or being able to hold onto the abundance we deserve.

These wounds come from our families, our past, and literally, aren't even ours. But uncovering them, and learning how to heal from them, can completely change the money in your life.

Discover your:
1. Money Type
2. Money Blueprint
3. Hidden Money Wounds
4. How to heal and re-write your money blueprint
5. How to grow a larger "container" for your money!

Learn how to boost your money EQ, change your relationship to money, and begin attracting it into your life today.

Ken Honda is one of the top best-selling money experts in the world, and the author of a brilliant book on changing your relationship with money, Happy Money.

Note: All credit goes to the authors and creators. Some links may result in financial compensation.


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