Attention is everything…

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  1. Mad Black Guru….Abudulla and Neville…You are Creators… and Allan Watts

  2. so true, but it takes time to train your mind & focus on what it is you want! so many distractions in daily life but it can be done.. you just have to forget about everything that is going on around you and put all your focus on things you want to manifest✔

    • Amen! I let the NEGATIVE get the best of me lately. There’s always tomorrow to get better and be better. :))

  3. had this video on que on my laptop…. scrolling through IG on my phone… then hit this exact post as soon as the same video on youtube starts playing…. first thing i hear, “attention is everything” (as im not paying attention to my computer) *puts phone down*
    Thanks for the nudge brutha. Also, 111 likes too. (3)
    synchronicity at its absolute finest

  4. Spot on Justin. 👍🏻
    Great reminder.
    Blessings of great, fab, wonderful things for you.💜

  5. I put this on thinking I’m about to have enough time to make my breakfast (even though it’s 2pm) this jawn was less than a minute lmfaooo

  6. Feels like you’re taking to me Justin, I just got back from a “breath watching walk”. Where I tried to pay full attention to breath during an hour walk. Lol

  7. You are the best. I am grateful for you, your content has gotten me through some of my darkest hours. It’s currently help pull me through the after shock of my fathers untimely suicide. Thank you. Keep creating, it makes the world a better place🤍

  8. Justin !! Always on the proper perspective to help others think things through !! It is great to see another human being trying to help others find the best of themselves !! Be well bro !

  9. Dig it Brother… All i think about is everyone winning. Speaking to kids about all i know. And hopefully help restructure the school system.

  10. 1.6M subscribers is amazing….a few billion too few who need to hear these messages. If only they knew

  11. This reminder is a must. Today, past two weeks actually, been negative, yet trying to think positively. But, the worry, lack, as gotten to me. But there’s always tomorrow.. to do better and to get better mentally. :))

  12. This was my morning greeting to YouTube today.
    The mother energy in me blesses you and your family.

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