“ASK and You Shall RECEIVE ~ Manifest Anything in LIFE | Ralph Smart

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  1. Your vision is about to manifest, soon you’ll be celebrating, give thanks.

  2. I appreciate ya man. Been watching you since I was 13, I just turned 19 5 days ago. I’m also a pisces. 🦈. Much Love… πŸ’—

  3. “MENTOR?” You gave a completely oriented blessing tonight. It felt as if we were all gathered around “SITTING ON THE FLOOR” type of thing just drinking and soaking in all of the wisdom and knowledge that you were serving us. Who needed refreshments? You were all of that! Again, thank you for a remarkable night. “UNFORGETABLE!”
    p.s. thank you in advance for the CD that you’re sending out to us.

  4. Shout out! Breaking news indeed!!
    I was searching earlier today on how to manifest!! Its already happening!!

  5. My apologies Ralph, Deep Diiivaah. I walk around my house listening to you and I can’t help myself you touch me to my soul. On my journey I have learned from you to always look at the bright side no matter what . Yes being grateful. Please tell me where and how do I send one a gratitude attitude appreciation offering because ralph you have been there every step of the way on my journey and if I had galaxy atmosphere of riches I’d humbly lay it at your feet because I’m very very grateful I love you for being so abundant in your knowledge thank you so very much.

    • Same here. The guy is an angel and I think that’s why he is successful because ppl can see he is authentic

  6. I’m torn between that problem right now, of letting go that of that, what does not serve me. The way you say not everyone is going to make it. And I have to pick me up out of heart ache of the ones I love That are not vibing with me. Universe is the all mighty vibe viber and my thoughts and my dreams are all thought through my pain and my struggles A rising phoenix. And I know through vibe is how we all understand what is being said from you. I can’t go without you and your words of wisdom thank you

    • My 85 year old mother is scheduled to be vaccinated on Friday so that she can have visitors again and see her new granddaughter who was born recently. My mother says at her age she has nothing to lose. I am on the other side of the world listening to her voice and can not give her a hug and tell her it will be ok. Yes, I am training myself to let go of everything I fear to lose and it is painful!!!

  7. Happiness is the greatest! virus lets all get infected with love deep divers!

  8. The only problem is .. I don’t ask for anything anymore from the Universe . I just appreciate and be grateful for everything that I have .

  9. You’ve been even on Netflix in a documental , that’s how much you are manifesting! You speak with the truth!πŸ™

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