Ascension Symbolism in Renaissance Art

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After the demise of the Cathars, their ascension teachings disappeared for nearly 200 years, only to reemerge in the court of the Medici family. William Henry takes us on the quest of Cosimo de’ Medici who sought to resurrect the lost teachings of the Essenes, Gnostics, and Jesus.

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  1. Fix your sound, barely able to hear and everything is at 100 for me.

    • @mars dexter if not, then reply with an immature/ignorant response and expect a silent treatment. For people like you who’s ego is inflated because you are “woke” or have a bible at hand, you will learn through shame and humility.

    • @Jp03690 silence works best. I really don’t know what woke had to do with anything. I think everyone is woke as much as they are and it’s enough for some. BTW I never mess with the drivel in the bible. Too many half truths it’s no wonder the world is the way it is.

    • @mars dexter if only you’ve read my previous comments we could of had decent conversation. I was actually reciting passages that talk of being your own savior but nooo you jumped the barrell and assumed I’m trying to impose some sort of false god on others when actuality it’s complete opposite. It’s a shame people have a lot to say but can’t even listen.

    • Facts onto something so great. Targeted bot spam to spy on people and make a connection to whom knows what and knows who.

  2. Raise that oil to Christ consciousness 👁️ now’s the time corona Borealis constellation above our heads and the shape of a crown. Crown chakra now’s the time. Awaken that Kundalini. And raise it to source

    • Arise, arise, he spoke to me!

      Most will truly never know. The chill that separates the skin from bones.

    • . ☀︎ .

      ✩ ✩
      ✮ ☤ ⚚⚖︎⚚ ☤ ✮
      ✬ ☽ ☥✡︎☥ ☾ ✬
      ✭ ⚕︎ ☩⚖︎☩⚕︎ ✭
      ✫ ☿ ✫


      .. 🐉 I’m bored 🐉..

  3. Thank you William Henry your A Beacon of Light for The Seers & Seekers of The Truth!!! Thank you for your time talents factual research. Channel/content based in ancient nosis wisdom & knowledge you share w/us.

  4. I’m wishing everyone who clicked on this channel nothing but LONG LIFE & PROSPERITY💰☀️.

    • It’s not the Lenght of life but the depth, u could live a beautiful deep 30 years of life and die suddenly, or u could live a long time until u reach 90 🙂

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