Are you being tricked by distractions?

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How to stop feeling overwhelmed and regain your power in life? Check out Nir Eyal's new Masterclass on indestructible focus here (for FREE) 👉

What's really causing your distraction 🤔?

☁️ Would you ever make the choice of not doing what you want to get done and wait until things accumulate, so you feel deeply overwhelmed 🙃? Unless you enjoy that guilt pain, we bet you wouldn't… That's why it would be too simple to blame your distractions on 'social media' or 'bad choices' because distraction has too much to do with how your brain works 🧠. In this video, bestselling author Nir Eyal goes through the true meaning of the word distraction and how its little tricks get you -and, of course, how to get rid of them 💪.

If you learn how to focus, Nir says it's ok to spend time doing things you like that are only for leisure, such as watching Netflix or playing video games with your friends. Do you want to know how to balance it in your life? Watch the video 👆

About Nir Eyal:

Nir Eyal is an international bestselling author and lecturer and one of the world’s leading experts in the field of focus and habit formation.
His journey into habit formation began at a low point in his life, when he was clinically obese and struggling to focus on his goals. What started as a personal mission then evolved into a series of bestselling books and a remarkable body of pioneering research in human behavior, backed by peer-reviewed studies in dozens of academic journals.
Nir’s work has been covered extensively in publications like Time, The Harvard Business Review, Inc., Psychology Today, and many more.
He has also been called “The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology” by The M.I.T. Technology Review, in honor of his co-founding of various companies in this sector and his prolific work in helping companies build habit-forming products.
With his first-ever Mindvalley Masterclass, Nir's goal is to spread an increasingly urgent message: that by harnessing the right tools and mind shifts, anyone can achieve superhuman focus and productivity – and start achieving more than they ever thought possible.

About the "4 Keys to Indistractable Focus" Masterclass:

💥 Five simple questions will give you instant clarity on your distraction patterns and how a lack of focus may be derailing you from your most important goals and growth.

💥 The four keys to becoming Indistractable: Use this simple step-by-step process to break free from your distractions and unwanted habits and create a quantum leap in your productivity, happiness, and performance.

💥 Where 90% of your distractions come from: Your no. 1 source of distractions isn’t your smartphone, chatty co-workers, or even your kids. Instead, it’s something much, much closer to home.

💥 The 10-minute distraction breaker technique: Use this ingenious technique the next time you feel your attention wandering towards a distraction, and watch as your brain rapidly regains its focus, so you can do more of what really matters.

💥 Tear up your to-do list: Discover why this common productivity technique may be destroying your focus and effectiveness, and replace it with a far superior ‘Time Box Calendar’ system that dramatically improves your personal life, your work, and your relationships.

💥 Struggling with your willpower? Here’s the secret tool used by many of the world’s top performers to consistently do more and be more – without a single willpower battle.

💥 The three traits of an 'indistractable' workplace: Apply these in your business or workplace for an instant and astronomical upgrade in company-wide productivity, happiness, and performance.

💥 How to defuse your smartphone distractions in 30 seconds: Use this quick and easy tech hack to eliminate 99% of distractions from your smartphone without having to switch it off (and no, it’s not silent mode).

📌 How to stop being overwhelmed and regain your power in life? Check out Nir Eyal's FREE Masterclass on indestructible focus here 👉


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  1. ☁️ What’s the thing that distracts you the most? Let us know in the comments below 👇. And also, click here to discover how to rise above distractions, own your time, and regain your peak focus and performance in Nir Eyal’s FREE Masterclass 👉

    • any form of anything that’s discomfort unto me and thats by all means , they purely envy in all various entities or identities … envious enemies or blockages from aiming for somethin for myself to pleasurerize

  2. I just did the dangerous form of distraction b4 clicking this vdo😫

  3. ”Opposite of distraction is traction” now everytime someone says distraction you’re probably going to hear it as dis-traction

  4. Youtube and social media are time wasters. I cant be off my phone for 5 mins. Time travel back to the 80s needs to happen.

    • its possible to stay from your phone we just need discipline . try keeping your phone either switched off or atleast on airplane mode 8pm – 8 am i tried this and i feel relaxed.

  5. Driven to distraction, brain injury, adhd. Not enough money to start.
    Pretty much every possible reason. Autism too, undiagnosed at 60. 🤔
    My own worst enemy. Yup

  6. Well tecnology is distracting us.. wanna know how? .. i never planned to watch this video, i wanted to practice math for 1 hr, then do my bed and go to bed,.. but here i am, watching 1 by 1 videos that will take me 0% towards where i want to be…

  7. yes!! alot…. message request aside other things like mosquitos, but these nobodies’ keep harassing my mood and thats the point aside psychic attacks at the same time by them nobodies

  8. *The most important thing is never be afraid to take a chance. Always remember the greatest failure is not having the will to try. Don’t quit before the miracle. Have a blessed & productive day* 🙏.

  9. The modern day cell phone is a distraction like no other. Nearly impossible to avoid.

  10. I like his shirt until a point where I realize I have been distracted.

  11. I want to remind everyone who reads this that tomorrow can always be better. ❤️🙏

  12. To everyone enjoying the music, Have a great day, chill out and enjoy the rest of your day.❤

  13. Anything with a screen is distraction. Real paper books are my savoir. I destroy kindles

  14. I love this but this video was a distraction. I was supposed to go to bed 1 hour ago.

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