Are We ACTIVELY Building Our Own Prison Planet?

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We can transcend the limitations of our human bodies, but can we skirt the accountability of our biology? Filmmaker Ben Stewart discusses, from a faceted perspective, AI tech and our internal technology with biology.

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    • Information like the kind in this video makes me imagine how blessed our earliest ancestors must have been without the need for such easily imprisoning technologies.

  1. Alien invasion appears in almost every sci-fi movie these days, is something like this really going to happen?

    • There’s no invasion. Co operations. Some say when the planet is about to collapse totally they’ll openly offer help but the prize we don’t know.

    • @RippleDrop You don’t even need a catastrophe when they have been here all along πŸ™‚

  2. I think we need to look outside the box and the Earth to see where the keepers of the prison are located!

    • It is we humans, that are building a tech heavy world, where machines run our lives. No Thankyou.
      I got out of the matrix decades ago & have NO Desire to return to it.

  3. The Day we All loose Power and can’t go online, Will be the Day we Will see the Chaos in the World.
    I wish you All the best.

  4. Neferios. Work on your spiritual development of connecting stronger with love and inspiration. Then we live on a planet where totally open information isn’t an issue πŸ˜„

  5. I crank out +100 pushups everyday . It is the only thing that I directly control.

  6. Earth has always been a prison planet. Has anyone you know of escaped? Building a prison within a prison. Few think they can escape by giving to others. That is just another Con by other crooks. There is little hope but hope. Be good get others to work for good and we should be able to get free. The good are much more able than the evil. It may seem the opposite but that is a trick.

  7. What I find interesting is that in so many stories from The Matrix to the Bible the answer is that the power to change things is within you. You can’t control what everyone else does, you have to make the decisions you know are right and hope everyone else does the same

  8. Listen to the song called β€œprison” by System of a Down …. Their lyrics tell all. Much love 🀘🏼

  9. Scary
    Like being force fed with distractions that an algorithm already knows will push our buttons
    So basically forcing our willingness to give our consent for handing over our valuable spiritualness without even knowing/realising we’ve always owned it

    • Think school, rather thzn prison.
      Both are escape able. One when the lesson is leant, the other, when time served for some broken rule.

  10. Excellent points raised in this video eg
    – the lifting of the corporate veil,
    – Photoshop and CGI blurring reality
    – freedom.

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