Are UFOs Coming from Underwater Bases?

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Since the U.S. Navy disclosed a number of incidents in which it admits to UFO encounters, almost every instance has been observed over the ocean or near a coastline. If these craft want to remain hidden from us, the vast oceans which cover over 70 percent of the planet would make sense. To learn more, watch ETs Among Us on Gaia –

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    • They are not UFOs, they are military aircraft… There is nothing Unidentified about them, the Navy is disclosing encounters with their own craft!

      Wake up People!


  1. The “Alien” invasion .. coming to a news channel near you soon .. what’s the bets ?

  2. Our US military is the one flying these ships of our western coasts… “around Long Beach CA.I know one of the main bases is IN THE WATER there.

    • The military works hand in hand with the Extraterrestrials..It’s a joint effort…And the Extraterrestrials had bases their before we had a military.
      Sightings go back for hundreds of years

    • @Jack Action it’s being executed/hidden out of the Poles… we’re under a German and United States CO-military currently. This is also why you’re noticing the gradual similarities in 30 40s Germany in modern America. Is the same regime after WWll we became ONE.

  3. What about deep underground? Like DUMBs? Deep Underground Military Bases, and there’s thousands worldwide.

  4. Absolutely!
    Seen by many going in and out of the water up and down the Pacific Coast

  5. Instead of looking in space for these UAP’s, perhaps we should be looking into a possible hollow earth scenario as has been spoken about throughout the centuries. Most recently Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd.

  6. There is a more aware being of phsyical expressional existence which lives within the earth – where as humans, some animals and some insects live on top of the ground, this other form of existence reside within and look similar to humans. They don’t have societies revolving around money or religion, they understand existence and why the exist and cannot understand why humans are cruel and want to hurt and fight each other so much – especially over money and control. They can be known by the “saucer” style craft they use, where it seems so “advanced” for humans, it really isn’t. They’re are other existences of phsyical expression existing off this planet with far stronger awareness to the phsyical potential available than the beings existing within earth.

  7. If you want to hide, the ocean would be the logical answer. We only have explored a fraction of it!

  8. When i was in the navy standing watch at night on my ship, we would see this happen all the time, sometimes every night. And this was in the middle of nowhere, like draw a straight line from Australia to Japan and draw a dot in the middle of that line. That’s where we’d see the most arial contacts with the naked eye, flying at impossible speeds and flight patterns. The first time i saw one i thought it was a shooting star………until it started doing loopty loops across the sky then zig zagging and pausing lol. I remember reporting it to the bridge and all i heard through the comms was “yea we don’t report those dude, you’re new here aren’t you?” Like literally anyone who’s been on a deployment in the navy knows they’re real. All you gotta do is look at the sky at night, they’re everywhere but there’s no light pollution out there so you can see em easily.

    • @hall mark well I didn’t ask what they were at first because it’s blatantly obvious when you see it in person they’re definitely saucers. But on the last year of my service, i met an officer drinking alone at a bar. And he confirmed it for me, saucers are definitely real, the entire government has known it for decades, and the military’s had that tech for a while now, doing all kinds of experiments like always

    • @Jonny Ortiz Reminds of this speech from Howard Zinn he said “Governments lie all the time. Not just the American Government its just… In the nature of governments.” Which also got me thinking how there is stories of Hitler’s regime reverse engineering Ufo’s that crashed in Europe. Now it’s like huh I guess every nation does this now 😂(or has been)

  9. The nimitz tic tac vids. NO alarm, no cares given when around a battle group? Because they were there to protect us secret weapons!

  10. As everything started in Atlantis it is for sure a sign that Atlantis was a place of life with super advanced technology so nothing is surprising me .

  11. The aliens lock their doors when they enter earth. We humans are beautiful and we have the best music, but we are very dangerous to what we don’t understand. I think they know that, among other things.

    • Yes we rock, until we dont. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪🤟🤟🤟

    • I agree. They probably come to see The Disco Biscuits and Phish in concert

  12. Yes perhaps they are Divine Devathas or Engineers from 11nth Dimension

  13. Hilarious. They’ve been here longer than us and we call them “aliens”

  14. The answer is YES they are coming from underwater bases.

  15. Luis Elizindo said himself that the current footage we’re seeing isn’t very convincing and that there’s much more convincing footage not released yet. I can’t wait to see the more convincing footage that supposedly will come out this summer.

  16. What if they are not Aliens at all but instead a race of earth evolved beings that ditched the land living live for the Sea. Would explain those big black eyes as light would be lacking down in those depths “Food For Thought Aye” 🤔😊

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