Are Starseeds Benevolent Beings from Other Galaxies?

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Over the past few decades, many children have displayed otherworldly characteristics such as clairvoyance, innate knowledge and old-soul confidence. Crystal, indigo or starseed children are terms used to describe these astral beings. Are these children truly special beings on benevolent missions from other galaxies?

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    • yes… and i have my neural implant. for . akkostic knowledge

    • @Divine Star Nice to meet you! We’ve got this guys! 🙌✌️❤️😎👽

    • I’ve done my share of regressive things lol I identify as a snake reptilian starseed but I’m trying my best to walk the right path

    • @Until The Sun Dies Not all reptilluans are evil! Don’t be hard on yourself! Good luck in your journey! 🙌❤️✌️

  1. They exist. But do not forget that all those traits are deep inside of yourself as well, you just forgot

    • There’s zero evidence they exist. Fact. I wish they did but it all baloney.

    • @The NECK BEARD there is zero evidence for a lot of things
      The big bang.
      Black matter
      Covid 19

    • @The NECK BEARD i recomand you the book “Journey of souls” by Michael Newton.
      And who knows, maybe you are a starseed too but all of us come here with a blackout 😊

  2. Sounds about right especially the part about not responding to authority figures and being strong willed

  3. Earth is concave. There aren’t any galaxies and cosmos as textbooks say.

  4. Iam the one of indigo and I knows what my mission here. This is insane

  5. This was a prophecy out of nowhere that my son would be born a crystal… he has visions and memories of space, writes stories about other world species…

  6. I often worry these folk will come here as lambs for the slaughter like Elijah McClain. I hope they have self-defense classes in those other planes. We need help but I think in the form of lawyers, judges, and lawmakers would be better than shamans at this time. But the number of women taking their place in politics is a hopeful sign.

  7. I’ve never heard of this before but this sounds immensely like me, although I was born 81 not 70s

  8. “Starseed,
    It’s time. ”

    -first words as prelude to my 3rd awakening, once heard, never left me.

  9. Do y’all just repeat materials as if we don’t no the answer to the title of this video. And yes I clicked on it just to comment cause Naw fam

  10. I know Im an indigo child for some time, today Im finding out that my ADHD might be related to it. Thanks😊♥

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