Are Plants Conscious Like We Are?

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Recent studies support the idea that plants might be conscious. A plant cell biology team determined that plants can be put under anesthesia, and respond in a way that is similar to animals and humans. If plants can be medicated to unconsciousness like we can, does that also mean they may be conscious like we are?

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    • I hope not! Otherwise I just killed Swiss chard and sweet potato and they felt it!

    • Nonsense. Anesthetics give to plant may be doing some cell damage and this stopping their actions. Don’t give special consciousness meaning to that!!! Good try. Stop it

    • @Priya Kulkarni awhy do we pray tulsi and why is their rings in trees also why do roots look for water???

  1. My elders taught us at a very young age that plants, trees and flowers are all forms of GOD. Sort of a reminder that he is always around, Which is why they react so well to positive vibes and singing. Growing up our house was full of plants and flowers. My mom would sing to them in Apache, it was beautiful.

    • That sounds beautiful and sounds like your mom was/is a beautiful and wise soul. Thanks for sharing.

  2. life itself is consciousness interesting…

  3. Of course they are.

    Talk to your plant every day and see how much it grows and lives on.

    Then completely ignore it and see how quickly it dies.

    The same goes for any living thing…

    • When i grows my dopes i tell it i love it before we sleep

  4. They are…at least some. I never, EVER would have thought nor felt that this was possible! Only recently, have I seen this. Love 💘

  5. Some of us didn’t need a scientific study to give us this information but it’s appreciated✌🏾💙

  6. It is disturbing that many people would believe that plants are conscious yet still exploit animals.

    • What’s even more surprising, is the number of people, who do not, see animals, plants & marine life, concious beings.
      “There are none so blind, as those who refuse to see”.

  7. all life is one , and we are conscious , because all of us together is GOD.

  8. Well everything is consciousness, so of course they’re conscious. Even rocks are conscious. There’s just as much consciousness in a rock as there is in a human; the only difference is that the rock doesn’t think it’s a rock. It knows exactly what it is. By not knowing or thinking anything lol. You can achieve this too, via samadhi, aka an awakening/enlightenment experience.

  9. Even atoms and much infinite particle have intelligence, memory and consciousness.

  10. Everything has consciousness, even rocks and metal. All is ONE CONSCIOUSNESS

  11. Of course they are conscious. I talk to my plants all the time. They respond by flourishing. They let me know telepathically what they need.

  12. Even water can respond to feelings, and it has memory. Plants(70 to 80 percent water) also have some level of consciousness. Some respond to light, or touch, or acoustic waves,and its bcz of some level of awareness and consciousness only.

  13. Years before “Super Nature” was published – before the internet – I learnt very quickly, that it’s worthwhile talking nicely to plants & animals and even marine life.
    The experiences that have been had, and witnessed, with wildlife, have for me been like greeting old freinds, for the observer, it was an experience they won’t forget, Haveing not seen wildlife being so wiling to interact. Same thing with plants – I’m surrounded by bush – the state of the Bushes distress in dry periods is sensed, rain, can be sensed at those times, as sweat, which forms in deep shade, always evaporating ; and as I walk thru the bush, the “residents” are engaged with, along with the “wild water”, coming from springs, fit for drinking, along the way.
    Empathy & compassion go a long way in these times, it is needed.
    Namaste 🙏


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