Are Dolphins Smarter Than Humans?

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Dolphins' brains are larger and more advanced than our own; yet their intelligence is so different, we can barely comprehend it.

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  1. Unfortunately most research are funded by the military complex so involvement with dolphins isn’t as innocent as they make it sound. Exp if they interfere with dolphins brain frequency they hope to manipulate ours same

  2. With 2020 being all that it is and the amount of sleepwalkers still blissfully fast asleep I’m thinking the answer would be a resounding, unequivocal, hard to deny Yes.

    • I personally think a bloody earthworm has mor intelligence than all these mask wearing sheep

    • All animals are smarter than them. Their instincts would immediately kick in when attacked and threatened. They would not comply.

  3. Dolphins are such a representation of love and connection. They are very connected and very wise

  4. Of course they are !!! they are not ruining the planet ! pretty much every animal is smarter at this moment in time !

  5. Dolphins are smarter in their own function as are we. Ants and germs and Corona virus are smarter in their own function?

    • everything that has Life in it has intelligence no matter whether they are ( Microorganisms -Animals or Human beings ) but the intelligence differentiate and diversify depending on the species or Organism !

    • they were artificially made for sure. nothing in evolution would explain the development of a blowhole

  6. Are Dolphins Smarter Than Humans? DUH!!! What kind of question is that… Humans are the least smart animals on the face of this planet. A zombified herd of fools, that is what humans are. Proof is all around us now , every day, everywhere.

  7. 99% of nature is smarter than us. Look around. Think of all the other planets with life.. some much much more evolved

  8. Rocks are happy and content with being rocks. Therefore even rocks are smarter than humans.

  9. If we ever happen to encounter them, ohhh Gaia, you know better. AI is , was and will always be part of Gaia

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