Are Black-Eyed Children Real?

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It begins with a strange rapping upon the door, only to reveal creepy-looking children bearing unholy terror. Are they inter-dimensional beings who cannot fully shape themselves into human form? David Weatherly, paranormal investigator and author, has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the world for over 35 years.

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  1. Black eyed children? I can just look at the world leaders and see their black eyes. 👀

  2. These are just text and random shutter stock images designed to create fear. I thought we would see footage and interviews. Anyone can make up stories for YT monetized traffic.

  3. Yes they are modern versions of Nephilim. Hybrid beings half human half “ fallen “ angel.

  4. Ive watched and listened to many more encounters with real interviews on YouTube, not just rolling text. Thumbs down on this one.

  5. Little demons on the hillside and they all just want to play…………be careful little ears what you hear..and call on Michael to guard over all your family and future playmates

  6. ppl who complain about no video evidence dont understand that such incidents occurs unexpected, it can and will negatively effect any electronic devices with cameras on them as so making it difficult to record anything. ofc even that folks would take that as an excuse to not show evidence

    the best way to convince them isnt the best to tell them at all but its btter to go see it for themselves to get the real experience though they may risk having their life put in danger and would wish they should have never bother trying to make fun of nor toy with forces that are entirely out of this world’s control

  7. Guys have you heard about star children or indigo children, if yes then black eyed children are negative version of those kids . I have personally looked into this matter.

  8. Yes they are real and if you see one of them you need to call social services and report it don’t just carry on and tell yourself that it’s not your problem like everyone else does

  9. What I noticed here was that her son was not afraid of the child in the car with him, but the parents. It might be a playing out or involvement of the parents subconscious fears being manifest through the parenting or government methaphor. Love for the family is used here as a catalyst for deeper spiritual healing. 1love

  10. Nothing necessarily demonic or children with evil intent. They say the hybrids walk amongst us and don’t even get noticed. Maybe these are something different?

  11. The odor was a chemical that gradually made the mother and child hallucinate.
    The same foul odor consumed the husband causing him to black out and crash.

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