Are Americans Employees of the U.S. Corporation?

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What do pirates of the Caribbean have to do with the Federal Reserve? Jordan Maxwell shares information he has collected which suggests that the United States of America has been established as a federal corporation, and that we are all it assets. What he has found ties our current economic system with the old law of the sea and symbols used by the seafaring industries, including piracy. This includes the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

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  1. If you read modern money mechanics it states that checkable liabilities of banks are money

    • So true. Also, America has been run by Lizard People since the settlement at Jamestown.

  2. Hey from France.
    Soon, NESARA/GESARA and the disclosures.
    The best is yet to come ! 17
    Respect and Love to all.

  3. The only thing that prevents us all from having joy in our lives is ourselves. We restrict how we live by assigning rules that go contrary to those given to us by our ancestors. We have no care for the world we live upon, we take more than we give back, and there are consequences for it all. Politicians don’t save lives, they preserve corrupt governance and ensure their own status in our wealth system. The folks who got the best life perks are those who can afford it.

  4. What we all need to know is that “power structures” have always had and will have only one fear and that is the fear of the masses. No matter how perfect those structures are, there are always those who are a potential danger for them – even in this deeply corrupt corporate world. You just have to watch them and they know very well that the masses use their flaws. No empire was eternal and the more it spread the weaker it became … don’t worry just be aware.

  5. It makes sense, because if you’re a US citizen, you have to pay your taxes no matter where you live 💰💰💰

  6. Us citizens are employees of the united states Corp…Americans are and always have been the copper colored dark skinned original people or moors immigrants can never be Americans because they aren’t from the Americas they’re from Europe..moors are indigenous to the earth period

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