Antigravity Technology Hidden for Decades from the Public

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New research is bringing to light that German scientists have been researching anti-gravity technology for over 150 years. Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are considered to be the prominent pioneers in electrical research, while few have ever heard of T. Townsend Brown. This is because he discovered the link between electricity and gravity – the critical theory behind exotic propulsion methods used in the secret development of space-faring vehicles. As we examine his work alongside torsion field theory from Andrei Kozyrev, we can finally understand the science behind the anti-gravity systems used for the German Haunebu craft and other vehicles in the secret space programs.

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    • One very wise man once said, there is nothing new under the sun ☀️…

      Some time long ago there are hightech .. portals, crafts, and it was leaked to humans

  1. Indeed! Even before Roswell and proj. paper clip. Now we have the “tic tac”. THEY let us know what WE should and should not know! 🤮 mass medical is horrible if you’re talking about actual truth!

  2. Hello. I solved the national debt. It’s called synchronized will balancing.

  3. I was searching for anti gravity too, till flat earthier told me gravity is just another name for incoherent magnetism

  4. Things are going on for thousands of years. The thing is what do you want to gain from this.

  5. Technology will continue to decrease if we don’t give people from the past credit

  6. Suspicious0bservers calling it, galactic plane, charge differential, solar micronova, reverse polarity, righthand rule of electromagnetics, rotation reversal —>New Earth.

  7. 6:12 T. Thompson Brown “Alien! 👽”😂
    28:07 Devils controlling his knowledge, keeping secrets as usual🤷no surprise there🙅

  8. Moving in a vacuum , like starting from zero ? Nope ! That can’t be done ! They need to have a matrix to push against ! ideal is the moon ! Send it from the earth to the moon then from the moon it can’t gain maximum whatever ! the problem is we do not know if over time the direction of the moon could change so they could only start from specific spot on the moon that would not alter the trajectory of the moon

  9. Tartarians used technologies on the blimps to store & charge homes.
    They was brilliant at building inline with sacred geometry for free energy.

  10. They don’t want us to know the truth but a lot of people are starting to awaken. Soon everything will come to light.

    • It already has, Darian — now the late sleepers are waking, is what. I think we outnumber 😴😴😴😳now.

  11. I think the aliens are going to show themselves after being here for hundreds ofnow thousands of years.

  12. these devices must enable one the ability to utilize more of the brain’s functions, reminds me of Akira

  13. Declassify everything. We already know this technology exists. This is how the pyramids were built. And I’m guessing it wasn’t humans who built them

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