Angel Numbers and Their Meanings (111, 333, 444 & More Decoded) Why You Keep Seeing These Numbers

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Angel numbers and their meanings. (Why You Keep Seeing These Numbers) 💥PRIVATE VIDEOS/TECHNIQUES: (NEW!)
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Angel Numbers work within the principles of numerology. In this video, I’ll tell you why you keep seeing numbers such as 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999 and 000 and explain their meaning to you (decoded). These types of number sequences are said to be connected to specific vibrational frequencies that hold meaning beyond their numerical value.


Our angelic and spiritual guides love the opportunity to communicate with us and often do this in the form of what is referred to as “angel numbers”. With these angel numbers, we are given reason to pause and take into account the deeper meaning being offered by them. These important number messages can assist and guide us when we allow them to! #angelnumbers #angelicnumbers #angelnumbers111


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  1. *💥Recommended Video: Change Your Mindset, Change Your LIFE! (Your “Hidden Mind Power”) ➡ ***

    • Right I know. Bit I dont know what or why. It actually goes deeper but that’s the most obvious.

  2. As soon as I thought about the numbers the video comes at this exact time!🚀🌌🌊

    • According to the bible, aka where angels come from, these aren’t angel numbers they are DEMON NUMBERS, This is sorcery aka a sin, numerology is literally a sin. So what religion even is this cuz it is not Christianity. So if it’s not Christianity then where did you get angels from?

    • @Sammy Sizzle The Government Use Religion To Control And Brainwash…You Sir My Friend Are Brainwashed. You Have Been Bamboozled..You Should Study Metaphysics So Your Eyes Can Really Open Because Your Eyes Are Open Shut!!!!!

  3. Thank you family for the message. I’m always getting stalked by 33s 333, 777, 888, 444 I have been guided by these numbers my whole life.

  4. I saw angle numbers all day yesterday and I just started the inking about how I saw a lot yesterday then I look down and it’s 11:11 then you post a video about it at the same time 😂😂

    • @James Cultz Beats like yeah it’s Christian, literally Everything is Christian, meaning its real. But no it’s not allowed it’s spelled out plain as day that it’s a demonic/sinful practice. We don’t tell the future ourselves we let God send us visions. Also yes yin yang and all. The big truth about the universe that Adam and Eve learned when they are the fruit Was the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And it’s like we all ate the fruit cuz we all know now. But yeah numerology is a sin, we all ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil and then God gave us a conscience as well. And also a book of what’s a sin and not a sin and unfortunately magic is a sin and we can’t even argue numerology isn’t because it says it in the bible. Don’t take my word for it though look it up. Anyway yeah I am a drawer/painter so I think of it as there’s and shadows. But demons are allowed on earth Because they were once angels and God honored them by not making them burn in hell yet. because we needed obstacles to keep things interesting or something

    • @Sammy Sizzle GOD blessed us with our minds and to live an abundant life if you come from a bad past and have negative events in order to stay motivated and keep going in life you have to have faith in the future and what it can be for you because you don’t want to go back to past feelings of lack also that’s true but when you tell yourself things like that it limits you and your success because now you won’t consciously focus to create your own future that you envision YOURSELF how you want to live that’s how to understand how your brain works and how you deprogram and reprogram but saying that god doesn’t want us to create our future is the wrong idea it’s the exact opposite you have to stop labeling everything maybe it was your environment I was the same but the key is to have a personal relationship with god and involve him in your future but at the end of the day as long as he is your lord and savior your fine don’t stress yourself out so much the 10 commandments are the most important my brother your on the right path also god want you to be abundant/success (rich) so you can spread the blessings easier to the world and he can use you to help the right people (detach from worldly concepts of right and wrong and tune in to the person connection with god) ima a drawer too you should read right brain thinking (drawing) it’s a good book and it makes you draw better and use more of your brain the key is wisdom don’t hinder your growth because of labels right or wrong if that makes sense it’s nothing wrong with learning the enemies strategy as long as your belief in god is strong enough you won’t wavier and think outside the box understand new age and god and find the balance between the two because it’s self development on one end of the spectrum and God and morals weather it’s right or bad

  5. Ha! I’ve been seeing sequences constant it’s amazingly good, especially 0’s 1’s & 2’s & 4s, This is a great simple video straight to the meanings, Thank you Jess, just looked at the time & its 4.21pm, hmm 🤔 💜✨

  6. ✨💜if we’re on these channels it will start being normal to see these numbers, once you talk to the universe, your guides, Angels, higher self etc..& ask for signs get ready Guys😊💚✨

  7. I lost my job because of this pandemic so I started a meditation and healing channel 😞🙏🏽

  8. I had this phenomenon for over a year straight you can’t even explain it to someone that hasn’t experienced it himself

  9. I noticed I’m seeing angel numbers mostly when I’m manifesting something. Apparently that means I’m aligned. When I lose hope and that fire gets smaller, I see less angel numbers. Maybe we should take inspired action when we see a lot of them?
    Edit: I also have two grey doves who come at my window daily 🙂 they stay for max half an hour and then they fly away.

  10. I’ve been seeing numbers all the time this week and so confused by all the meanings I find in the internet. Your videos are so timely 😍🙏🏼😩

  11. I’ve always used Joanne Sacred Scribes’ list of decoding these repeating numbers and they are similar to what you describe in your video, but slightly different in her definitions. My belief is that if you use a source that resonates for you as her numbers do for me, then that works as your “decoder”. I’m not criticizing your way of defining these numbers – just that the listener should use what resonates best for them. I’m sure with your large audience, you are creating a large base that uses your specific definitions for their decodes! Your work is invaluable to me and many, many folks.

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