Alan Watts ~ What If You Could Interview God?

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An inspirational and profound speech from the late philosopher Alan Watts.
Original Audio sourced from: “Alan Watts – Individual and the World, Part 1"
Video Produced and Edited by T&H Inspiration

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  1. Beloved people heed thy words. Thou art source. Source dwells within the. Awaken, and remember thyself. Enlightenment is now. Meditate upon source. All thou seeketh is within. We are present this day as we experience humanism. Seperate thou art not. Let thy central sun within flow, feel thy gift of light. Feel source love, for love is thy true reality. I am that I am hath spake unto the. Seek peace and tranquility. Go with love and light.

    • Hey “I am that i am”, how about getting with the modern times and drop the high speech ?

  2. Thank you for bringing back Allen Watts. 🙏🏼 Finally something meaningful!

  3. … I don’t think it would do much good to interview God. If God would Grant one wish or prayer, that would be a different story. I always pray for the health of everything.

    • @Joe Davis If we could not fathom what question we would ask of God ironically we could ask God what was it we were going to ask You? God would already know before we knew ourselves.
      I would ask if we were made in Your image in whose image were You made?

    • @Brad Burton … Brad Burton, as far as I know, I wasn’t made in anybody’s image, unless it would be the human image, and that I might kind of look like my dad.

    • @Joe Davis You know what You know. Everything only differs by degree. It is not about how far rather how deep. Our DNA has 64 decons as does God’s.

  4. Once you “woke up”, when you understand what you are, there is only one question you would ask “god”. The question is : why?. Nothing else. Just “why”. Not in any sense of it, but just the fundamental question. This is all what you are basically missing, answer to this question.

    • That’s the question we’ve been avoiding the whole time by being conformed with common sense and conventions to distract ourselves from the absurdism, that is the tension between a purpolessness universe and our constant striving to find meaning. But the realization of being part of the universe’s equation that’s beyond our comprehension is just blissful and mind-blowing.

  5. This is a really good speech about who we humans really are and that the “I”does not really exist as we think it does.
    If I could interview God I would ask him why he always sends me the right person who I need in a certain stage of my life, and which is always somebody who challenges me and makes me develop as a person.
    Instead of asking questions I would just thank God for whatever he gives me. 🙏

  6. look out at 8:08 thank me later ,sorry alan although i feel he would like also lol

  7. God is within you. Ask questions and you’ll get answers.

  8. What is the purpose of our spirit in this short human being experience that is given to us ! !!!!!!

  9. Job questioned God and received a valuable lesson in God’s very careful in questioning God about anything.the very idea of ‘interviewing’ Him is ridiculous

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