Alan Watts – Selfish

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Alan Watts – Author and speaker, on selfishness.
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Speech: The Web of Life, Part 10: The Nature of Selfishness

Speaker: Alan Watts

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  1. grid of personality were one person does not actually see one outcome of him self but multiple at once and it seems like days gone by but only seconds past him. a shadow does not explain what to do but that there are aspects that have not been addressed in the person. its not a fundamental problem of the individual its the outcome of a cluttered mind were parts of there life in there head play at once but they don’t have any idea how to organize there thoughts because of the chooses they create for them self’s. there pinned under a rock often they don’t understand how it was placed. i just think reading at the history. the time period the questions people had to ask that there was nothing but unsolved questions and the question am i going to solve it in this generation or will my kids solve it. or if some one else entirely would solve it. the solid nature of time creates a frame work for everything to work at a faster pace some brains process information at deferent rates. i don’t need a collage degree to teach me that. in my mind i solved my question’s by thinking. and collage negates the thought of a idea when spread of idea is interlocking and compounds on many fields. at least at the current aspect of my life and as information solidify I just look at these video’s and understanding the time period were this is written knows it does not apply to me in this time period.

    • my brain rationalize large numbers and location of people. on a generally world globe in my head. i am just a passive looker onto things. i just move out of the way when i know i’m about to die. generally a boring life.

  2. Very unusual that I find and Alan watts talk that I haven’t heard. This was a beauty. Thanks.

  3. You have done wonders with Alan Watt’s insightful words. Always look forward to your productions. Namaste

  4. Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live

  5. The Buddha encouraged us to do the so-called “cemetery contemplations”. It can be really help to collect energy for meditation; it highlights the urgency

  6. The Devil is sure showing himself in 2020 in the people behind the Great Reset bringing out more holy people to put him back in his place – God’s armor.

  7. Dear author, can I have your permission to translate and dub some of your videos into Russian, and post them on my channel to discover Alan Watts’ words of wisdom to the Russian speaking people? All the links to you and Alan Watts Organization and no money made from it. I just want to help sharing good things. With best regards. Waiting for your answer.

  8. Make it best of two worlds…the sun the west…the moon…the east and keep it a awsome balance or make it more dreamlike again…more smooth…more in a oneness even state…so the ocean have waves u can ride on and enjoy…instead being in trouble with.

  9. Perpectly said sir I believe in that by my ownn experience as a holy person

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