Alan Watts – Perception

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Alan Watts – Author and speaker, on PERCEPTION
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Speech: Essential Lectures, Philosophy and Society, We as Organism

Speaker: Alan Watts

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  1. I always know these are going to be good… I look forward to these videos they are uplifting I’ve dealt with anxiety on my own for many years but these are more than just videos these are a tool to help deal and I’ve actually grown a bit from these videos… So thank you T and H!

    • The power to know this is already in all of us. If we just get silent once in a while. Life keeps us to busy but once you really get it not just intellectualy you will find real peace. Wich for me is the best way to be. More important than being happy, because when situations change you can just feel peace with in. Take care 😊

  2. The title to the the thumbnail its just fits to right for me, really appreciated

  3. This entire video could be looked at as a beautiful metaphysical approch at attempting to explaining P-Branes (quantum physics)

    • Thanks for contributing at times with forced evolution through mental and emotional shifts. Awakenings we have regularly are often tough. We have them when we are prepared at our own time. R.I.P well that’s not likely. Your energy is still here no doubt. And it would be usually restless no doubt. ❤ ✌
      Reflection is key. In everything that effects us emotionally. 🌏

  4. What a fantastic video. I feel Alan with his wealth of understanding of all the main cultures of the world past and present, is only scratching the surface. As per the Kybalion and Tao Te Ching everything in the universe bnb is vibrational and frequencies only differ by degree. Everything has its’ own recipe. After many mlm possible incarnations we see the frequency patterns as images.
    Perceptions never seemed this wonderful before making this realization. I could just imagine Alan chuckling to that one.🙂

  5. Ajahn Bram likes to give the “simile of the tadpole” – you do not realize what _wet_ is until there is no water, same for the self!

  6. Thank you for being here and sharing your knowledge and will to continue to inspire us all. It is so greatly appreciated as I know I can speak for myself: provided belief that another feels the same way and is able to provide clarity from another’s perception. Absolutely love you

  7. This is a very good lecture and as always Alan Watts brings it very well to the point. It’s all about our pattern of thinking and seeing life. When we focus only on fear or on bad happenings, we will automatically be fearful and become depressive. But if we put the focus of our attention on stillness and the beauty of the world there wouldn’t be anything troublesome in life.

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