Alan Watts – Mysticism

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Alan Watts on Mysticism
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Speaker: Alan Watts

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  1. I Love Alan. I would love to trip with him and listen all night 🤣 🤯😱🤫

  2. Yes, I have experienced this. Also that the tail does indeed wag the dog and the dog wags the tail. Observe a dog and the dog is wagging ‘its’ tail. Observe a tail and the tail is wagging ‘its’ dog. Which is greater the dog that needs the tail to wag or the tail that wags? True the tail is weaker and cannot wag the dog as forcefully as the dog wags the tail, but if the tail were incapable of wagging the dog (to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction) the dog would fall over.

    I have begun to see that nothing has a beginning or an end. The beginning and end are human constructs (especially the constructs of historians). It is said the “The love of money is the root of all evil”. However, could it be more helpful to say “The love of money is a root of all evil” (for trees and plants have many roots). It could then be said “Love is the root of all evil” and also “Evil is the root of all love”. Hence the saying “Resist not evil (for it is the root of love?)” I observe the world and myself and am beginning to see this. The Eastern philosophies know that a lotus flower grows from mud, so its not surprising that “Love grows out of evil” and “Evil grows out of love”. When I perceive this the concept of love and evil disappear and either all is evil or all is love. It becomes my choice to decide how I see it. Free will to see “all is love” (Bjork song). I sometime see it mystically – spontaneously, which is the dog wagging the tail. I sometimes see it rationally – which is the tail wagging the dog. Yet I think it more rational to observe that ‘rationality’ (belief before experience) is ‘the dog wagging the tail’ and ‘mystical’ (experience before belief) is ‘the tail wagging the dog’. I expect from the dogs point of view the dog is very surprised when its tail starts wagging. The dog does not decide to wag its tail. Once the dog experienced ‘tail wagging’ it again believes (is reminded) that its tail can wag, and it wags the tail in response. The dog and tail are in a symbiotic relationship. I prefer it when my tail unexpectedly to me starts wagging. It is joyful. If I force my tail to wag, it is not particularly joyful. Which is more joyful ‘belief before experience’ or ‘experience before belief’? Surely the latter. Which is more joyful rationality or mystic? Surely the latter? Which is more joyful the dog wagging the tail or the tail wagging the dog? Surely the latter. 

    Mystic = ‘tail wagging the dog’. Rational – ‘dog wagging the tail’.

  3. Lets say u are the supreme self for a day
    What would u do ?
    To be more realastic
    Lets say u are in this dream of urs where u can dream of any wishes,demand, extant and manipulate any period of time. You could do what u what in this 75 year of urs . Well,obviously u would start with completing every wishes then become what u have always wanted to become, making ur parents proud and all of that sensation.
    After all that 75 year of pleasure and happiness u would have known everything u have wanted know.
    Now u arent any difference from god
    U are god now u know everything from that 75 year u look back.*sigh* what would have become of u now? U just lived a live u have always wanted to.
    What do u think would have happen to u know?
    U would lose such important to a mankind ‘feeling’ u wouldnt know what its like to be surpise anymore.
    Then then u would ask ur suprior ‘GOD’ to let u feel again.
    God would then bring u back to where u were know
    Where u have been living before knowing evrything
    So u see u are living the live u have always wanted to live before ur past live
    See this is the concept of universe i learned from myslef and alan watts

  4. Alan had an amazing ability for putting abstract concepts in simple words!

  5. Trying to get through a depression. Love hearing Alan Watts voice. Some people don’t like the music with it but I do, thanks for making these videos

    • Hang in there Josh, you’ll get through it and come out the other side stronger.

  6. He’s pointing out the obvious fact of basic experience. The moment you separate yourself from it, you don’t see it.
    You’re not straight, gay, black, white, poor, rich, human, animal, communist, conservative, republicrat, important, or unimportant.
    But it would be clearer to say nothing at all.
    You’re IT.

  7. So I used to feel this way… N support what he’s saying 💯 about feelin one with the Universe n such.
    I still do, both support most of Watts ideas n know I’m one with the conscious force.
    But… Apparently… This Understanding has it’s quirks.
    See a lot of people r rotten. Shitty evil creatures. Like any sane person would do I chose to stay away from people like that.
    Unfortunately “They” found me…
    … and used concepts like THIS EXACTLY to justify affecting me in terrible ways… because if they’re one with everything n I’M included in everythin then by definition MYself is seen as their self as well.
    Like property.
    so we DO NEED to understand THAT part… not JUST the positive.
    We need to understand these concepts while integrating the idea the some beings HATE God n God hates them.
    N “humans” like that can n do have immense power in our reality because we choose not to judge the inferior n shitty n weasley type punks.
    Yes I know. U won’t see a comment like that by anybody else.

  8. The thing about experience is…they come and go.So…even being all happy and stuff changes from time 2 time…even the most beautyful states come and go…exploring ur absolute nature…so…what 2 do about that ? We did surrender…did all already all sorts of meditation and so on.Maybe only true escape is death itself…and its worthy 2 remember the art of beautifull death of any in-form-ation…drop endless somehow all created concepts and dream of something more fun♡

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