Alan Watts – Mind Over Mind

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One of his most eye opening lectures. Alan Watts – Mind Over Mind
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Speaker: Alan Watts

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  1. “While it’s always best to believe in oneself, a little help from others can be a great blessing” – Uncle Iroh

  2. Watts died in 1973 but it’s almost as if these words were addressing the times we’re going through today.
    This is a very powerful and thought provoking video. Watts was a great thinker.

    • 💯 The dislike is someone who must want to watch the world burn. The world needs Alan again

    • It takes a long time for a species to die perhaps he knew then what is playing out now perhaps this long emergency is something that has been ongoing for some time.

  3. Spatula slaps to All, Share your Ice cream and help fix each other’s flat tires if you can. Many believe the light Shines thru them ,but that they are the Only Right Sized Light Bulb

  4. AW was a wise sage .. and a staple in my life
    but remember.. self㋛
    _Confucius Say;_
    _one who think stepping stone is bridge_
    _go down river_

  5. 🎼
    ♮ here in my car ♮
    ♮ i can only receive ♮
    ♮ i can listen to you ♮
    ♮ it keeps me stable for days ♮
    ♮ in cars ♮


  7. Very nicely presented…and of course Alan, eloquent and brilliant as always.

  8. So does he mean we can’t improve because we don’t know how/where?
    Cuz if we know how to improve we would already have improved..

    Did I get this right?

    Or does he mean our desire to improve will forever hinder us to do so..
    Sooo if we get rid of this desire we can see that we are already the best version of ourselves?

    Such a great video, left me kinda confused though haha

    • AW means that the desire to improve comes from the wrong part of the self (ego). Improving IS knowing that you’re fine first. Then your on your way to change/improving thru divine power

    • Yes, I think both are correct in my interpretation. The mind who wants to improve is the same as the mind who needs to be improved. So there is no way to do it and if you take an external model, it will be flawed and corrupted because it is suffering from the same problem as we are all seeking and inherently selfish.

      That doesn’t mean you cannot make your life better but it helps to see that the desire to improve suffer from this vicious circle and what you think is an improvement might not be so. And you can’t stop desiring because this also is a desire to improve. So don’t give so much importance to your mind and just enjoy what is in front of you. Because that’s what life is about.

    • @Keilnoth Your words connect both of my interpretations, thank your for that!

      And i 100% agree with your last part, ✨enjoy and fully live in the now, don’t think too much about it ✨

    • @Daniel Reyman true, desires stem from our selfish ego. Even if it wants to better itself, it’s still a selfish “wants”.

      So be fine how you are, and this will autonomously lead to natural, divine change.

  9. Glad to see you’re still at it man. U never disappoint w/your content. Stlil str8 fire

  10. Alan Watts is a truly deep and wise individual. 😏😌🤓🇨🇦💣💥👍👂👀👌✌

  11. Since long before the time of the Buddha people were on a quest to transform the mind to overcome suffering! It is likely the oldest problem of mankind

  12. “How can I one-up me?” We aren’t better because we want to be.
    Self-improvement.. improve what, why, and how.. we don’t know.

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