Alan Watts ~ Living Without Fear

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Alan Watts, writer and speaker, on letting go of fear
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Speech: Nature of Consciousness, The World As Emptiness, Raising the Alarm

Speaker: Alan Watts

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  1. Hello random stranger on the internet! I hope you’re having an amazing day/night and safe from C-19!

  2. The hardest thing for me is too just let go and accept that there is not fight to be fought. Every thing is just as it should be and enjoy the now because that is what is important. I feel like a product of my environment with ingrained bad subconscious traits I have yet to figure out how to change.

  3. A person is not a fixed, stable entity, but a fluctuating tide of responses. The difficulty is our memory has got us hooked, it holds us to the past.

    • Yes, I totally agree. But life means constant change and we have to go with the flow of the universe, without clinging. It makes no sense to swim against the stream.

  4. … The background music here just might be acceptable, if it were at a much lower volume.

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