Alan Watts ~ Inventions of The Mind

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An inspirational and profound speech from the late philosopher Alan Watts.
Original Audio sourced from: “Alan Watts – Do You Do It Or Does It Do You?"
Video Produced and Edited by T&H Inspiration

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  1. … Really, son, the words of Alan Watts are Grand enough, without Grand music in the background.

    • The conception of the clock is really very good explained and that money is only a measurement of wealth. So true!

  2. I wish I could have a long talk with Alan Watts, He makes sense in a nice way and made think a lot about life… Or something like that, I don’t know yet…

  3. I want to have a sight of alan watts,
    I wish if I could sit with Alan,
    And see how he saw the life, the world.
    He was a genius ♡
    Maybe now, I can just want to connect with Sadhguru much more, & meet him.
    Their sight is something magical 💫

  4. Speaking of inventions of the mind can’t help but wonder what he would say about the current scamdemic.

  5. “Do You Do It Or Does It Do You?” – the more you meditate, the more you realize “it does you”

    • I don’t agree, I think neither is exclusively true, you are the ‘it’, so there is no ‘it’ to do you, nor you to do ‘it’, but, you are doing it as it is doing you

  6. Great video. And yes, “knower” and “known” are inseparable / subsumed in “knowing,” but “knowing” is also “unknowing” and “not-knowing.”

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