Advanced Spacecraft Described in Ancient Hindu Texts

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Ages ago, the gods not only walked among us, but as Erich von Däniken explains, they flew through the air, and beyond, in great flying machines. Whenever the gods descended from the sky, they brought advanced teachings in mathematics and astronomy. Perhaps these stories are not just mythological tales and allegories, but depictions of extraterrestrial beings interacting with ancient civilizations.

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    • There are 4 types of vimanas in past 1) tarel from country to country.
      2) travels from planet to planet (inside in solar system)
      3) travels across one universe
      4) travels among various universes (brahmandas)

      And also based on types there are 2 types :
      1) created by using materials from Earth or from various planets. It is called materialistic vimanas. They need Mercury to fly. This type vimanas used by asuras or demons.

      2) manak vimanas created by using only spiritual power. This type of vimanas created by only thinking in mind. They are vary sophisticated used by gods or demi-gods.

      There is much hidden secret about these. We need more research episodes on these vimanas

  1. In Ramayana no doubt they were talking about a hovering vehicle.

  2. Some of us were already fortunate enough to see these sky beings and ships and know for a fact they are real and these are not myths and legends..One day they will reveal themselves to the rest of the world when they feel most people will be ready.

    • @del griff Why don’t you believe him? The Vedic texts are history books, so is the Bible. These things actually happened. There have been some models made of Vedic text described planes, and they have been tested and found to be aerodynamic.

    • @del griff Are we believe you had your out of body experiences?😏🤣
      Listen he with eyes who can’t see and ears that can’t here.
      I’ve got actual pictures of this event that don’t lie.
      Sorry that you aren’t blessed to see the things that others have saw.
      Don’t shoot the messenger.
      I’m not here to spread lies or troll.
      Just here giving a heads up on what’s going on in my life.
      And I’m not the only one out here witnessing these things.
      Just because you aren’t chosen and haven’t seen anything does not mean these events and things aren’t real.

  3. What about Chinese pagodas? They look similar and are used to store Buddhist deities as well.

  4. Also Many Gods like thor and others in norse and Finnish mythology fly on chariots.

  5. Eric i am 58 now but you have been my hero since I was child , you spoke about UFOs back in the day when you weren’t aloud to speak of them , you stayed strong when they tried to ridicule you . Most people don’t know how much abuse you put up with , but you stuck with it and opened our minds , you planted the seed in the minds of thousands of people , and that seed is now starting to bear fruit . Dont ever change , dont ever give up . What you have started is already changing the world , thanks

    • He’s still putting up with abuse, in this very comments section! Some people have no soul…

  6. Those Vedic texts are history books. Radioactive skeletons and soil found in Pakistan, where the Vedas said a weapon was used to wipe out a city. Also, displayed dinosaur skeletons painted black is also because they are radioactive…

  7. Everyone look up tartaria empire , their ships are very similar and it covered all of asia ,some europe , and some of the middle east

  8. These shapes, like subwoofers generate sound into the chambers between the Earths mantle.
    Quite beautiful

  9. Perhaps Man has forgotten humanity lived in harmony with man. Maybe The dwellers among the stars, dwelled upon Terra Forma with man. Possibly those among the stars guided man with knowledge. This maybe how man was created, with intervention of beings from afar. Possibly the Annunaki. Fascinating idea. Or is it truth! The choice is your’s.

  10. I am Hindu from India. What he said is just bit of it. There is a lot about vimanas in our old books

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