Abraham Hicks – EXACTLY What To Do When You’re Ready To Manifest BIG THINGS!!

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★An Animated Dose of Abraham!! Because it's super fun to watch while you listen to the wisdom of Abraham Hicks! Enjoy!★

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  1. What a nice surprise. This is one of my favorite “slices” of Abraham encounters and it keeps disappearing and reappearing, so glad to see it here. Such great energy (and humor) in this conversation and the focusing questions are excellent. Just really helpful. Thank you!

  2. I had not heard this clip before. Wow! As so often happens, just what I needed to hear. 😁

    I love the focusing questions (definitely adding them to my tool box) and I finally got what they truly mean with the cork floating metaphor. Thanks!

  3. Thank you! May the money roll in!!!!! I choose prosperity! ❤️🙏😇🙋‍♀️

  4. When Abraham said, “so when dollars are flowing, do they feel like, bondage or freedom”, I actually thought, “bondage”. Before I corrected myself.
    So I subconsciously associate “dollars flowing” with bondage.

    • Ebby C you could be associating money with solely earned income, so the idea of more money sounds like more physical work.
      Maybe learning about passive income opportunities, if you aren’t already, and actually imagine more money as more passive income and less psychical work.

    • If you would like to hear from God, respectfully and politely repeat the prayer.
      Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me a sinner.

  5. I told my doctor when I push my thumb a,certain way it hurts ,he said don’t do that

  6. The most valuable priority of a WANT is to follow your ❤️
    Living in love is the main entree* all the rest is the appetizers
    & desserts * The cheese cake will taste like never before *
    No worries ~~~ We are wise souls & we both have common sense
    We live in faith❣️😇 Not fear ‼️

  7. It will all Peter out once the love 💕 is Active
    All our energy will be passionaized & deposited
    in our vortex * yahoo ❣️🤪😜✌️💝😇🌞

  8. A belief i have in short that keeps hindering or holding me back is. I want life to be fun like exaxtly how it was before i accidentally got my Twitty suspended.I guess its its something i could fix only i wanted to be varified on my social media. But as a nobody thats hard. I dont like losing my photos and memories as i have so i dont try as hard to post. I so wish things were the same no ones faul just my minor flaw. I have so much personally to work on thats all. I know i might be worth it.

    • If you would like to hear from God, respectfully and politely repeat the prayer.
      Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, Have mercy on me a sinner.

  9. This is great! I felt like it was me on the hotseat. Thank you very much for sharing this. I just can’t get enough of listening to Abraham.

    • If we were to compare the soul to water. Clear water is easy to see through. When more dirt is added to the water, the water becomes cloudy and it becomes difficult to see though. Like wise when our soul is not clean, our vision becomes cloudy and we don’t see God. In order for us to see God again, we need to go to Christ and ask Him to purify our heart and soul so that we may see Him.
      When we ask Christ for forgiveness and mercy, He cleanses us of the dirt, we then become purified and again obtain vision of God.

  10. Very powerful talk and great example and easy process to get into vibrational alignment with your desire.

  11. “You don’t have to hold your cork up, just don’t pull it under the water “ 🙌 so simple 👏

  12. The process that begins at 9:30 in this talk is fun, exciting, powerful, effective and worth doing for yourself as it’s simple and works. I felt the big good feeling shift in my emotions into vibrations of ALLOWING! I love it. Yippee!!!

  13. This is hard to practice, I’m trying to change my way of thinking and meeting situations. Earlier I was in a very bad place. So the bad place makes it hard to step into this new place. I use to say, if one have a 1 oz brain, and one is filling it with 4 oz of knowledge, you’re gonna spill some.🤔 After 4 weeks of listening to Abraham, I suddenly understand what the vortex is. 😬😳😁👍💪

  14. There is A Lot of value in Understanding * I’m hearing more easily that none of us are flawless *
    Contradiction is a sign of Confusion As said here I have $$ & I’m blessed …but …. But what ….
    why focus on negative thoughts that aren’t even true 🤔. We all must budget & live within our means
    This is a journey of making life Fun ( counting our pennies ) Make fun of ourselves ….LOL 😂 So life is
    Different now COOL 😎 Life has just begun * Change is healthy yet could be challenging since it’s so
    different from your Routine ‘ Most of your life you were expected to be at a work place everyday & now
    maybe you feel less needed …… you feel out of the loop , you feel $$ can’t be XTRA as you always had
    opportunities to take on another shift or work your day off for someone else . Humm ….. Your entire life
    Changed for the Better * ❣️ How Sweet is this * There’s ONE ☝️ Vital Desire Missing ..~~~ Wonder what
    is it that’s missing ~~~~ ha is that backwards I’m big on English but I do Amit I have a language if my own
    Been told I make up words * daughter too …. we ( maybe ) shall invent Slang or a extension of the English
    language 🤪. It’s Normal ….It’s Natural…. after years of going to a work place & collecting a pay check to
    adjusting to feeling somewhat lost or empty . Think about why we Work ( other than ) bare necessities ~~~
    Plan vacations * hobbies * we look forward to OFF Time to do what we desire * NOW ….finally the time
    is all yours…..You don’t HAVE to answer to Anyone or Anything but it feels weird – strange ‘ I understand
    I’ve never had that security * I grew up in a home with a father who was Self – Employed There is Pros & Cons ‘
    to being Self employed No time clock /Free time at your call / You make the schedule/ No safe pay ‼️No benefits
    No Insurance / No retirement/ But it’s a trade we choose & our lifestyle is much different * So be it …..Most Important
    Valuable priceless commodity in life is our PURPOSE * It’s all BS —- Who cares —— Botton line most Value is our Soul
    God gave His Son for our life * Our Life Purpose is LOVE ❤️ You Now can devote your Time to Love & receive the Rewards
    that are priceless *** All the benefits more than obey can ever buy ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️God is Love 💝

  15. I’m going to buy her meditation CD as a thank you to her because of all of the years she has given me her wisdom. Thank you!

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