A simple but magnificent manifestation technique.

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See The Future? – The Biorhythm

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  1. I did the same when I wanted to move, but did not know where or when… I started to throw things, boxing, and getting ready… and sure enough… Shortly after starting packing, the landlord asks us to move and I HAD to move LOL! We have to be careful how we use this technique though… But you had me when you said “every time my wife and I want to buy a house” LOL! Every time? How many times and how often? Wow, great!! Let’s see if I can speak like this. Love the tip and yes… IT DEFINITELY WORKS! Love your channel!

    • All of the best places I ever had the privilege of renting were places I fell in love with, dreamed about and pictured myself living in, in various rooms and situations, multiple times of day until I found out I got it. This is true of even the place I am currently living. I also knew I would get the money to leave the state I was previously living in, and that’s when Corona came around and afforded me the ability to leave an expensive apartment and state I could no longer afford. I am thankful every day to have this beautiful, cozy house to live in and a private, kind, landlord instead of a cold, corporate entity that is very impersonal. Our first day here the landlord stopped by and brought us a bucket of vegetables he grew out of his own garden! Our new neighbor was super welcoming! I believe I asked, and I received.

    • Excellent advice. We must qualify our musings and imaginings. Florence Scovel Shinn always took this sort of thing into account. She would refer to things we might want (a home, a mate, a job) as the “Divine selection.” She relates an anecdote about a woman who coveted a particular house so much that it’s owner died. When the woman got the house, it turned out to be a cross and a money pit. So thanks again for the reminder.

  2. Great video. Can you explain what the relationship of, “acting as if” and the subconscious? Thanks

    • your subconscious gives you the reality of what you’ve been impressing it with..and also what you believe

  3. True true words you shares with those who don’t know them. My self when I was 17 had no job no car was finishing up high school. But what did I do. Purchased a car CD player, driving gloves, car vacum, cleaning equipment and basic car tools. And before you knew i had a car. How i did it? Cant tell but it happened. If you build it . It will come.

  4. 100% truth! When you want a relationship, make room in your cupboard for this partners things, sleep on a double bed, keep a spare toothbrush. Oh and make a written list of all the qualities you want in them. Works!

  5. I just told my roommate about how I manifested the past two residences

  6. YEESSSSS!!!He’s absolutely correct….I’ve done this when I was homeless over 20 years ago and that’s exactly what happened…without realizing that I was really manifesting my home….I honestly bought little thing here and there because I just got my job and thought why not,just in case I got a place and I do the have to worry about household things….in about nine weeks,I got my new home and was already more than halfway prepared….Give Thanks🙏🏾

  7. Justin said those beautiful words
    “Act as if”
    Also I did that before and it works

  8. Yes in deed my friend, thanks for sharing. The best for you and your family always

  9. The Universe didn’t created you. God did! Stop thanking the Universe.

    They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen. Romans 1:25

  10. Thats that Florence scovel ish!!. Lol.
    Love you just! Keep it going you helped spark my journey. You da goat!

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