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  1. So TRUE 🎯 it’s about that ENERGY ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  2. It’s not about money even though you need money for survival. It’s all about protecting your own energy. Other people that are undercover devil’s are searching for souls which contain energy.

  3. I am rising so high NOTHING can stop me no more my energy level is getting crazyyyyy I’ve never felt this GOOD before I am manifesting everything I ever wanted and I am so thankful to you Tren because since I’ve found your channel my vibration and energy have skyrocketed there were many bad days and they tried to convince me to give. up but I never gave up I still had faith in God and now everything is coming to it’s place I love life I LOVE IT I can finally say this sincerely I am a winner and everything that I imagined is already mine✨🖤😇

    Btw. No Dannies for me love myself too much to chase love, if it’s meant to be true love will find me

  4. Haha when decepticons see me sungazing they start hatefully looking at me like I’m an alien 😅🤭🖤☀️

  5. Exactly why I love everyone but I am taken care of myself for the first time in my life. I always took care of everyone, now it’s time for me. I am single and lovin every moment.

  6. In another phase of ascension, like, how high can I go? Wtf is happening? Does anyone else find that when blessings come in, the energetic pressure is the SAME as atmospheric pressure? I’m having horrible tooth aches and I’m just laying around like, it’s ok god! It’s ok, I can take it! I’m ready! I’ve woken up to downloads every night for a week.

    Edited an hour later to say I started singing in my kitchen while making jam…my vibration shot up so high I flickered the lights again. 🙄 I thought I’d gotten a hold on that….

    • @Shiva Shiv I usually pull with sesame oil. And I treat aches with clove oil. I’ll try that next time though. It passed already. I appreciate the suggestion.

    • @Farran Hill I don’t have any clove oil but I do have the sesame! I’m going to try that as well to see what the difference, taste, feeling is cause I coconut a lot of stuff, so be nice to try something new. Thx 😊

    • @Shiva Shiv any time. I make my scalp scrubs from coconut and use it on my face and lips, and in vegan baking. 😆 the sesame tastes icky, tbh, it’s just so concentrated but it works great for pulling toxins.

    • @Farran Hill You bake too! I love exchanging baked goods, homemade is the best! Nom nom 😋 Have a great weekend Miss Farran and Bless Ya ❤️

  7. I agree 90% but what God has giving you.. its already yours.. your book is already written ❤️

  8. Big brother keeping real. Nodding my head to my self cause its priorities first . Go time ! Motivation u helps us vibe up big bro. Thank u

  9. Your inner self will always tell you to follow your destiny DONT let fear throw you of your path it’s a illusion

  10. I want to cry Tren Genius. You taught me self love. Before I did not love myself because I had gotten raped so hard terribly like a gun shot wound. You brought me back to my feminine life. You awakening me from my fleshy sleep. I been putting in the work for 4 weeks now for my outer appearances now. Because I was only taking care of my mental health and not taking care of my physical appearances. But as soon as I met you Tren Genius I been taking care of self. And I am seeing so much results in how my outer appearance looks. Women see value in me and they are all blessing me now. When I did not take care of myself women did like me. It all starts with self love. Every guy around my way jaw is opening just staring at me. Because nobody believed that I could become better than Beyonce and Marilyn Monroe. If you see me now Tren Genius getting to look way better than this picture with no makeup on. And some guys are holding doors for me. Something is happening to my image.

  11. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla.

  12. “The universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The universe is simply responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.” ☀️👁☀️

  13. When you said “let it go, let the person go” you were definitely talking to me Tren….thank you for this I’m definitely letting go today

  14. I see a book of your own creation in the future; a book of your cutting edge spiritual technology; that is the only way I understand it; your passion; your knowledge and UNIQUE perception just has to be put in written format for the legacy of these times. I put you in my prayers Tren Genius you are a God Send. Thank you once again!! Peace from Texas. Mark Maguire

  15. Lil brother you SPOKE today! Everything you spoke is TRUTH!!! Every since I learned I blocked everyone out I got outside, my financial situation has changed, my mental health has changed, my thinking has changed! I ALWAYS knew I was DIFFERENT and moved away from my family years ago, but I was still in BONDAGE because of witchcraft. I thank God I’m finally FREE and on my way to the life I was meant to have and be the person who God sent me here to be.

  16. Guys, there’s this one specific girl in the entire world (so far) who makes my heart race when near her. It feels uneasy but nice at the same time. Because every other person’s energy is so boring. Im on vacation & I miss her presence even tho I’m shy towards her (only). Because the closer I get to her the faster/intense the heart race gets. But I’m going to work on my confidence & try to talk to her. I have a feeling she could be a chosen one, as I am as well. Imagine two chosen ones together romantically. That force would be unworldly. People would be intimidated by our union, presence. Wish me luck guys!!!

  17. Jesus’s own people didn’t believe him as he was teaching.
    They put him on trial, punished him, crucified him, he died and he was buried. His Holy Spirit rose on the third day, opened the gates to Heaven and is seated on the right hand of God.

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